My computer is weird! don't have a microsoft word?

My computer is weird! don't have a microsoft word? Topic: Free essays sites
July 17, 2019 / By Breanna
Question: my computer only has a program called note pad or something and it sucks for doing essays because it is messed up. So i tried to download microsoft word on internet but it costs money so what should i do is there a site that can let me download microsoft of any versions for FREE?? thanks
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Best Answers: My computer is weird! don't have a microsoft word?

Aletha Aletha | 5 days ago
openoffice.org has a free word processor and other programs. They are trying to compete with MS Office.
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Aletha Originally Answered: Will a file saved in AbiWord open in Microsoft Word if it's on a flash drive and opened in another computer?
Yes, if you save the file in the .doc format (which abiword can do). Check and see if the file format you are saving is .doc. MS Word can read/edit .doc files, but not the .abw, which is the Abiword native file format. It doesn't matter what drive the file is on--a cd, floppy, dvd, hard drive, or usb drive, or what computer originally created the file. If the file is accessible to the computer, if you have MS Word, you can open up that .doc file. Do keep in mind that if you have very complicated formatting, creating a document with Abiword and opening it up later with MS Word might goof up the complicated formatting (such as graphics and tables), but if all you have is text, there should be no problem.

Tubal-Cain Tubal-Cain
Just go to some store that will sell that older versions of microsoft word for like $30 because I don't think there is a way of getting it off the internet. Is your computer a Dell? Because my crap Dell didn't come with anything either, but a stupid trial version of some knockoff microsoft word.
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Reynard Reynard
Microsoft Office has to be purchased. You mentioned that you are doing essays, check with your bookstore at school. I got my copy of word for less than 200, which is a steal. Getting it free is not a good idea, and probably not legit.
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Melvin Melvin
You for sure lost in trouble-free terms the shortcut icon from the computer so bypass to All courses, come upon note and drag to computer to create a sparkling software icon. Or, in case you are able to not for some reason attempt this, then open an present record, click on the sparkling record icon to create a sparkling record. close the first, set up your default margins and fonts etc and keep onto the computer basically as note.
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Melvin Originally Answered: Microsoft Word 7 Help?
Nope, it's not free. You can, however, use Word 2010 online for free unlimited use. There's nothing to buy, nothing to download. And Word 2010 is identical to Word 2007 only it has some system features added that Word 2007 doesn't have. But the two are completely compatible so if you write your resume in Word 2010, then your Word 2007 computer can read it just fine. To use the free Word 2010 online you will need a hotmail OR livemail account to log in. The link is here: http://login.live.com/login.srf?wa=wsign... If you don't want to do that, then the free alternative is Open Office. It's here: http://www.openoffice.org Just make sure that IF you use Open Office, that when you go to save it that you use the File/SAVE AS feature, and then select the Microsoft Word option.

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