Why do we package products?

Why do we package products? Topic: Marketing homework assignments
July 18, 2019 / By Brielle
Question: This Question is in connection with Homework for my 13 year old Son Jonathan. His Assignment theme is Packaging.
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Alia Alia | 7 days ago
Because no one wants to buy a puddle of coke and a bare stick of butter... Packaging keeps the products contained and fresh until a buyer purchases them. We no long buy from bazaars and open air markets any more (well rarely at least. Go to a fish market or a farmer's market, and you'll rarely see any fresh material packaged).
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Alia Originally Answered: Is my package still on the way?
I live in the UK and have ordered things from Chinese sellers on ebay. On two occasions I opened cases and got my money back because I thought the items weren't coming after a month, but then they did come a total of six weeks later and then I had to send the money back to them because they did send the items, and then send them apologies for accusing them of not sending. Allow longer than two weeks, remember customs can take as long as they want with random searching, plus you are even further than I am from China.

Tyron Tyron
It depends. For food it keeps them fresh, for other products it makes them look good and some protect the contents, although packaging on most items is excessive
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Tyron Originally Answered: What do i do if they lost my package?
I would assume it's still on the way. The package's route here involves 2 local post offices, 1 or 2 hubs, and the university system. Sometimes even first-class packages take a ridiculous amount of time to move through the USPS system, and the university probably has a few new hires who are processing things slowly at the moment. (I once got a package 4 months after it was sent. And I've had several that had writing all over the front informing the USPS that my address was not on campus and that it didn't matter how many times USPS dropped it off at the university, it was going to keep getting handed back to them. Those are extreme examples, but you get the point.) But if someone has lost it, then yes, you're probably out of luck. Whoever is in charge of the package from the time it arrives on campus to the time it is handed to you may be interested in helping you, but I would be very surprised if anyone at the USPS cared. The current problem in my neighborhood is that the postal workers have realized that they can scan a package as "delivered" several days before actually taking it to any of the apartment buildings, because their managers will defend them as long as they see the "delivered" memo. I'd give it about another week and then try to figure out who would be the best person on campus to ask, and hope that that's where it got lost.
Tyron Originally Answered: What do i do if they lost my package?
It may come Tomorrow if it doesn't than there is nothing much you can do. As their was no tracking # nor insurance purchased. It could also be return to the sender if the address was wrong. Name Dorm street Dorm halls and room number city, state, zip

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