Backing out of an accepted job offer?

Backing out of an accepted job offer? Topic: How to write a why you should hire me letter
July 17, 2019 / By Britt
Question: First, allow me to state that I have never been in this situation before, and I have been reading a lot about how "unethical" it is to reject a job offer after accepting it. But my situation is a little different. I have been in a horrible job for more than 2 years and was desperately looking for a way out. I was finally offered two jobs at the same time, and accepted both offers. Here’s why: Company A pays more, but has a credit requirement that i may not meet and the offer can be rescinded. Company B pays less, but has no credit requirement. I really want to work for company A, but I’m afraid I’ll be denied once they do the credit check, therefore, company B may be my better choice. But I don’t want to write a letter to either company backing out of the agreement if I just so happen to actually get cleared for both jobs, because I honestly believed one would fall through anyway. So my question isn’t “should I back out on offer A for offer B after accepting” since i’m still in the verification process, i.e credit, background, etc. (even though I agreed, both offers can be rescinded at any time while in this verification process) Would it be better to simply allow company X to rescind on their offer if i don’t meet their deadlines for drug testing, etc (if i do pass the clearance for company A)? Or could I simply say that I am unable to move forward with the process for “x” reason? I truly thought it would be ok to do this, then after I did, I saw those online postings about how it's not good to do it, except in special situations. I just kept thinking that if either job doesn’t hire me, I’d be stuck where I am until the company goes under, which is actually happening now. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks so much.
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Aline Aline | 2 days ago
It is ok to accept both offers... there is no other way to do it. - i wouldn't call it "unethical"... you have to do what you have to do and unfortunately there is no other way to not screw yourself. So one potential employer will get screwed and there will be another candidate right behind you to resign the job = they will call you a jerk for about 1 1/2 days.... after that they will never think of you again. If possible don't schedule your start date with company B for a few weeks, so company A can finish the process. However, if you need to even start with comp b and then comp A calls you back you just have to say "unfortunately I have found a better opportunity. I know I have put you in a difficult position". This happens with all levels of employees = from entry level to executive.... hopefully, company A will work out and if not you have company B.... good luck.
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Aline Originally Answered: I've accepted a job offer over the phone n wnt to rescind the offer. what should i do?
Be honest and tell the company that gave you the offer that after thinking it over that you've changed your mind. They should have totally expected this since you were likely overqualified to begin with. If the new company didn't expect you to have cold feet then shame on them. They knew you were better than what they were giving you and were hoping to get away with one. If they really want you, then maybe they'll counter offer. Otherwise, staying put will do fine as long as you make progress on trying to get your current situtation into a more workable one.
Aline Originally Answered: I've accepted a job offer over the phone n wnt to rescind the offer. what should i do?
Depends on the pay and benefits. Take whichever suits you more. But you accepted the first one so keep that unless you get offered the 2nd one before the first one has done up employment papers on you. If you already did employment papers with the first and the 2nd calls to offer you the job simply politely say "Thank you but I've recieved another offer and have recently accepted that".
Aline Originally Answered: I've accepted a job offer over the phone n wnt to rescind the offer. what should i do?
let them know, exactly as you've spelled it out above. They may counter with more $$$ but they're more apt to be happy that you didn't accept a position that you would be unhappy (and less productive) in. They still have a pile of other resumes from other candidates, be truthful, put yourself in their shoes. You need to figure out why you feel your being taken for granted, read some books and re-think your career, I recommend "the success principles" byJack Canfeild, "48 days to the work you love" by Dan Miller. "what I have right now" is not the end of the road, get about being where you're happy.

Ulick Ulick
You in most cases consider obligated to corporation A, however you ought to look out for what's great for you. Most organizations today think nothing of shedding staff or allowing them to go for fresh faces who they can pay lower than their older employees. I have been on either side of this hindrance. I took a job and hated it from the first moment however stayed on and so they hired yet another girl and after three days she called and mentioned this job's not for me...Period!! That used to be it! I envied her--and finally I left. I had fourteen assitants in two years considering that they failed to work out and the boss informed them after per week, or they only stated they did not believe the job was right for them. I think the excellent is to name and ask for the supervisor or human useful resource character and say I relatively admire your hiring me, however I used to be simply contacted by a company that could be a better possibility. You fairly do not must go into small print. Then thank them very so much for the present. They may say if it would not figure out, name them, if they relatively need you. In the event that they rather do not care, they are going to simply thanks for calling. It can be tough to do this, however just opt for up the telephone--or electronic mail, if which you can and do not know these folks that well--and do it. Making a choice on up the cellphone and dialing is the tough section. The older you get the less difficult and clearer these things turn out to be on account that you get the expertise of doing these varieties of things so much. They won't fault you, it occurs day-to-day everywhere. Good luck along with your new role. There is invariably a better job waiting somewhere so don't be afraid to leave any company to further your self.
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