What's wrong with my little brother?

What's wrong with my little brother? Topic: Homework ideas for kids
July 17, 2019 / By Brittani
Question: He was getting in fights at the bus stop with kids that didn't do anything to him. He's in 2nd grade, I walked with him to the bus stop today, and Not only did he kick our younger brother in the shin, he called seven or eight other kids "retards" and "idiots" to their face, punched a little kindergartner, and these two kids have whistles to notify when my brother is picking on them. Also, when a child asked who I was and my brother said "My brother" The child turned to his friend and said "He said his brother was in a wheelchair" when I never was, ever. He's also swears, a lot. When I'm telling him something he needs to do, (clean his room, homework, ect.) His tone of voice gets very high pitched and puts up some sort of defense followed by "I hate you, You're the worst brother in the world, and more recently: "I'm going to stab you with a knife when you're sleeping" He often hits me, although he doesn't realize it doesn't hurt me, and he's always in the bathroom. Always. He uses the bathroom, upwards of 30 times a day. without even actually using it. He just likes to flush toilet paper. He's 9 years old, has failed two classes. He's just all around sarcastic, doesn't do anything, yells hits people. Tells people they're overweight, ugly, their cooking is bad, and always tries to fight back with "you're the worst ______ in the world!" I don't know what to do with the kid anymore. I was making plans to build a half pipe in my back yard and teaching him how to skate. So he has something to do in his free time. He was cool with the idea, until the day before building, when he said he doesn't want it, nor does he want the skateboard I got for him. Because "it's stupid" so, not only did I waste my money, I was about to waste my dad's money, for plywood... What is wrong with this kid? Honestly! Does every kid do this? Because my younger younger brother is nice, and quiet. Is there anything associated with this? Deseases? He's not on any meds, nor has he been diagnosed with anything. My parents know about his behavior and have talked to him, and still do... constantly. Nothing seems to help.
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Alisa Alisa | 4 days ago
I went back and read some of your questions to try and get a clue as to what is going on in your life. You have to be the most stressed out, adrenalin filled young man in history. This 9 year-old kid is a BULLY and learned the behavior from his abusive father. He thinks what he is doing is perfectly normal because he hears your father cursing you, taking your favorite things just because he had a bad day, lying to and trashing you, and the list goes on. Why does your mother allow this crap; is your father abusing her also? This is the most dysfunctional family I've ever heard of. You are old enough to move out of the house and I, personally, think it would be a good idea if you can go and live with relatives until you can find a job. Talk to them and tell them all that is going on and ask for their help. I hope that by now you have turned 18 and are legally an adult so you can just leave and not come back. As for your bullying little toad of a brother, tell the kids at the bus stop to tell their parents what he is doing to them and let their parents have a talk with yours. The very next time your brother threatens to stab you with a knife, CALL THE POLICE, and let them handle it. Be sure and tell them everything you can think of that he does. It is time your parents had a wake-up call; they know they can't talk this abusive behavior out of that brat and it's time for more drastic measures. I think a couple of years in juvenile detention might be just what he needs and they will determine what is the best course of discipline for him.
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If he suddenly quit football after getting a great opportunity like that I suspect he has not enjoyed it for quite some time and stuck with it much longer than he wanted to for the sake of his parents. Personally I feel this country is WAY too obsessed with sports, like it's the only thing kids can get involved with that will enrich their lives. BS. Kids have all different personality traits and can express themselves and learn discipline through lots of other activities. I don't know when our society started freaking out so much about sports but in this day and age its practically expected that every kid will join some sport. What needs to happen is your parents need to have a long talk with your brother and LISTEN to him. Find out why he really lost interest in football. Maybe he has been interested in something entirely different all these years, like writing, or technology??? Your parents won't know unless they take the time to talk to him. And whatever he is interested is should be supported by your parents (unless of course it's some total waste of time like playing video games all day). But as long as he has other interests that are creative and productive, who cares about football? If your parents love it so much, let them play it.

Ulrick Ulrick
THis sounds pretty serious to me. I remember seeing a special on Discovery Health about kids like this. But I don't remember what explanation they gave for it. There has to be something causing his anger. Do your parents not see him acting this way? Are they not concerned? I would be concerned if my son acted like that. I would try to convince your parents that his behavior is NOT normal and he should be seen by a doctor who can try to get to the source of his anger.
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Riordan Riordan
he has some serious issues that need resolving now before they get worse all gets his self in to trouble big time he sounds really angry with him self your parents should sit him down and talk all night if need be to sort out what the problem is
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Meshech Meshech
has he been on any recent medications? Some are known to cause changes in children........ Other wise give sit him down and ask him... My little broter is bipolar and has adhd. He has trown salt in my friends eyes, broken down my bedroom door and pulled a knife etc...... i used to just lock him in his room and leave him there. I could hear him crying cause he felt bad but he just couldnt help it. we eventually pulled him off his meds and his "evil " side dissapeared
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