What’s a good dust-free bedding?

What’s a good dust-free bedding? Topic: Not one less reaction paper
July 19, 2019 / By Brittany
Question: Ever since I got my two new rats, one of them ( I think ) has an allergic reaction to the bedding I use (Carefresh). I don’t want to use any kind of wood, so that eliminates Aspen, Pine, and Cedar. I read that any kind of paper like Yesterday’s New is dust-free but it also gets mushy when wet. I’ve got three rats so that’s a lot of pee and poop. I’d rather not end up with mushy bedding haha. Any suggestions??! Thanks so much! They are toilet trained, but that's not really the problem. It's the dust. :\ Tank- She sneezes a lot (especially when she's on/in the bedding) and has porphyrin around her right eye a lot.
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Alisha Alisha | 6 days ago
What is the one doing that makes you think it is an allergic reaction? I have three rats myself and I use Carefresh. You're definitely right to not use wood, it is not good for them at all. The only other kinds really are Carefresh and Boxo. I used Boxo first, but found that the Carefresh was better for eliminating odors, like you said, a lot of pee. You could try Boxo and see if that works any better? I found it was a little bit less dusty plus it's cheaper. Also, I used old towels and/or rags for a while. They worked great and the rats seemed to love it, plus fabric would definitely be dust free. You could get old towels, sheets, pillow cases, etc from a second hand store pretty cheap. The only problem again is the smell. You would need to change it at least every 2-3 days, especially since you have three of them. I still use scrap material in their baskets and beds and I change it fairly often. It is probably good to wash it on the "sanitary" cycle if your washing machine has one. If your little guy is just sneezing a lot, that is normal in rats, my guys sneeze all the time. Ever since I put a humidifier in their room though they have improved quite a bit. They naturally have respiratory issues and keeping the air from being too dry can help a lot. Hope this helps :o)
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Uni Uni
Yesterday's News is good, but it's uncomfortable. Try using Carefresh Ultra. Another alternative would be to litter train them and line the bottom of the cage in fleece. Once they're litter trained you just wash the fleece about once a week. This would be the best option if you have rats with bad allergies.
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Ritchie Ritchie
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