How Do You Improve Your Study Skills?

How Do You Improve Your Study Skills? Topic: Do your homework now games
July 18, 2019 / By Brittney
Question: Um... I know it isn't school time yet but I was wondering how to do your homework without getting bored. Last year I didn't turn in about a sixteenth of my homework, and now that I'm going to Middle School this year and if I don't do the work, I won't survive. Any tips? Thanks!
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Alishia Alishia | 7 days ago
Ok, first, find a room where there is no TV or gaming stuff, and no siblings or parents to disturb you. Take breaks every 45 minutes; walk the dog or something, just not anything TOO fun or else you will not want to get back to the hw. You can listen to music while you work, I don't understand how everyone thinks it is distracting; it personally helps me focus. Oh, and middle school is not all that big. Everyone thinks about it as something HUGE. It is not.. Just do your work, show up and follow the basic rules and you are gonna be good. GOOD LUCK!!! ♥Bear♥
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Alishia Originally Answered: How do i improve my study skills?
In part, you're asking the correct question by asking how to improve your study skills as opposed to simply deciding that you need to study more. The first thing I would ask, rhetorically which means just as a question and/or as a question to ask yourself, is what is different this year as opposed to previous years? Are you more or differently distracted either in class, in general, or at home? For what ever reasons, are you spending less time studying? These are pretty much individual questions and answers that you must answer yourself. Even so, more or different study skills, study enviorment, or even more sleep help you improve the result of the time that you do study. The second general set of questions that I would ask are what is different this year compared to previous years in terms of the material, the way it is presented, how you are to complete your assignments, and how you are tested on the material you should have learned. The easiest question to answer may be about presentation and classroom enviornment: Is it different this year than it has been in past years? How is it different? How can you maximize your in-class learning? What are you having troubles with during your in-class learning experiences? The second group of questions is about the material itself: What is different with the material and the text books? Waht is different in what you are being asked to do in your assignments this year versus previous years? How are the assignments different? Are you being asked to use different skills this year versus previous years?The third group of questions go hand in hand with the second group and relate to how the teachers are determining what you've learned and to what degree: Are you using different skills in your assignments than what you're used to such as essay versus short answer versus multiple choice? Are you using different skills in your tests and quizes? Are you being asked to answer questions to a deeper depth? All of a sudden is there an emphasis on a particular skill such as spelling and/or punctuation being added to the grading equation in addition to having a handle on the actual content of the material? - Go back over your papers, assignments, quizes, and tests. Try to decide why the grades on them weren't the straight A's that you are used to. When you studied or did the homework,: Did you study too many general concepts versus enough of the details? Did you study the details (facts, figures, dates, names) versus the concepts? Did you learn or "memorize" the book rather than how the material applies beyond the book such as other subjects, your life, or the world in general? Did you not study the material well enough to be able to crank out the answers or solve the problems during a timed quiz or test; thinking and figuring it out during the actual testing time may be what's causing you that slight slip of grade?
Alishia Originally Answered: How do i improve my study skills?
If you are a straight A student before, than just do what you had been doing. If thats not working than try to figure out your schedule. Think about why you havent been doing as well lately and try to change it. Organize your binders etc and make sure everything is in place. Do you homework and put in all your effort. Keep a notebook for homework etc. Make sure you even out your time for test studying, dont cram anything.

Unni Unni
Be bored. That's the whole lesson school is getting you ready for. It's about doing something you don't care for and still doing it. Later in life if you try to change everything in your work and things you have to do to be being fun, you won't make it. You have to learn to push through things boring or not. Just do them. It's about self-discipline. That's what the schools are trying to teach, not facts about history and such. No one keeps a job based on trivia they learned in school. They advance in careers because they learned from school how to do boring things and still get it done. Stop looking for an easy way out. Do it boring or not. Just do it.
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Rob Rob
Hey, If you want to improve your study skills, don't be afraid to ask questions. I did that with my teachers and got straight A's. Also, try to get good grades in subjects that interest you, and do give it a try on some things that you don't really like because you may find it easy. Let your teacher get familiar with you too. And if you really get bored, try to do your homework with some friends or go out after you finish it. Hope I helped!
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