Any Good Scholarships? Please help?

Any Good Scholarships? Please help? Topic: Essays for college scholarship
July 17, 2019 / By Brittny
Question: Heyy, I just wanted to know if anyone could help out. I'm trying to find some scholarships (I've tried many websites) I was just curious if anyone had any interesting ones in mind. I'm pretty good at writing essays and I enjoy doing creative things. The reason why I want to get some scholarships is mainly because I really don't wanna use my parents' money. I'm horrible with guilt and I'm just going to feel awful. Especially since they've paid for my sisters all ready who around 3 and 6 years older than me. They (my parents) claim they have enough money, but I'd like to feel a little more independent and know I worked and deserved the money I use for college instead of it just being handed off to me, the easy way. Especially since they've paid for my sisters all ready who around 3 and 6 years older than me. Thank youu!
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Alisia Alisia | 8 days ago
Check with your guidance counselor or the financial aid department at the school you're planning to attend. Both should have information on scholarships only open to students at your high school, enrolling at that college, choosing the major you've chosen, or within your immediate community. After that, the web is the best bet! I'd highly suggest signing up on scholarship search sites, like Fastweb. You'll enter lots of info and it'll match you up for anything you're eligible for. It's really simple and speeds up the whole process! Check out the link below for a whole list of scholarship search sites! And try not to feel too guilty about using your parents' money for school. Do your best to earn some on your own, but know that if you do well in school and get a great job, you can pay it forward by helping your future children pay for their education. Good luck!
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Alisia Originally Answered: SAT scores good enough for admission, scholarships?
when you send in SAT scores, if you send them all (even though you can "pick and choose" now...) the admissions officers will only see the highest scores anyway...there are clerks and whatnot that sort through all the junk and set up everything so that the admissions people can just look at the big picture... i recommend going onto www.collegeboard.com and searching for colleges you are interested in ... you can look up the SAT/ACT scores for the middle 50% of first year students, meaning that 25% of students did better, and 25% did worse. when you look at scholarships, you want to see if you're THAT much above the average and how much aid the school gives...if there is only a little bit of aid, then the chances of you getting it is much less...
Alisia Originally Answered: SAT scores good enough for admission, scholarships?
Dunno about Notre Dame or Boston U, but I'm also aiming for Texas A&M and UT Austin. For UT Austin, they changed their policy from the top 10 percent to the top 7 percent. So if you want a scholarship, make sure you're high up there in rank. For A&M, I think that as long as you're in the top 10%, they will DEFINITELY throw some money your way. I'm in the top 15%, and got a 2130 on my SAT, so UT Austin's a reach for me, but A&M is easy to get into because all you need to do is be top 25 percent and get a 1300 on math and reading sections of the SAT, or simply just be in the top 10 percent. So check your rank and gpa, and if those are really good, then I don't see why scholarships aren't possible at those schools
Alisia Originally Answered: SAT scores good enough for admission, scholarships?
1780 will not get you into any higher-tier university, let alone earn you a scholarship anywhere. You only scored 74%, rather pathetic to be totally honest. All it shows is that your GPA is inflated.

Upton Upton
AAHHhhhh that is sooo difficult to reply. Islamicaly I realize we is not going to pass that a ways by myself...but...I realize I did this earlier than I grew to be Muslim and correct after I did too....It was once the pleasant factor for me and the worst factor. Don't desire to speak approximately the worst elements....however the pleasant....I acquired to grasp plenty of Muslims (I have been finding out Islam earlier) and it was once the finest factor ever....lead me in the direction of ultimately embracing Islam. I consider finding out aboard is so fine in such a lot of methods. You be trained such a lot now not almost the discipline that pursuits you however approximately your self and approximately the sector. Seriously, I do see a change typically occasions among those who have performed it and people who have now not (of their mentalities). I knew a woman from KSA who acquired to research aborad and he or she had loved ones participants transfer together with her in order that she would do it. If handiest we have been all that fortunate.... Others made certain to reside with tons of alternative ladies... Some pass to an all ladies individual institution... It's quite difficult whilst I consider approximately it. Especially right here within the USA we're soooooooo enormous and it is vitally traditional to depart your loved ones and pass a ways away for institution (relying to your fundamental and your place you would now not even uncover a institution nearby your loved ones to wait). I say consider approximately it extra. Maybe you'll marry someone and journey and research in combination??? (I realize that's problematic too.) Maybe you'll pass to an all ladies institution that has extra strict laws for the scholars to abide by way of....Idk Best needs to you (((Nada)))
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Upton Originally Answered: Is it a good idea to put, on my resume, scholarships/awards received during college?
I would put only somewhat prestigious scholarships that you got because you were considered 'better' than other applicants, like this; 2009 Recipient of Minnesota's Good Samaritan Scholarship - Awarded for doing over 100 hours of community service and writing an essay on your experiences. That's a made up scholarship, but in that general format. Also search in Google or Bing 'resume tips' and there are several great sites that can give you some guidlines. Hope it helps.
Upton Originally Answered: Is it a good idea to put, on my resume, scholarships/awards received during college?
attempt performing some volunteer artwork, in case you comprehend what you love to do attempt staying with that field. in the experience that your undecided in basic terms volunteer at a shelter, a seniors midsection, a assisting palms like nutrition on SKATEBOARDS? Sorry I forgot you do no longer stress so the nutrition on wheels won't artwork lol. yet there are various places that love their volunteers and that often seems sturdy for you. whats up and in case you are able to gets a commission for it it truly is that rather extra efficient.

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