How do you protect school children from homosexual agenda?

How do you protect school children from homosexual agenda? Topic: How to write a picture book for children
July 19, 2019 / By Brooklyn
Question: Nowdays homosexuality is being enforeced as a normal life style in most part of the US school carriculum. Woud you so please tell me how you succeed and convinced your kids not to buy it? ...The National Education Association has recommended that public schools designate one month each year as "Gay/Lesbian History Month." Two NEA-approved books for kindergarteners and first-graders were written to condition children, ages 2 to 8, to accept homosexuality as normal and wholesome. Daddy's Roommate is about a boy's divorced father. A picture in the book shows his father in bed with his homosexual roommate. The "moral" the boy learns is that "being gay is just one more kind of love." Heather Has Two Mommies is about a little girl who is conceived in her lesbian mother's womb through artificial insemination. She goes to nursery school and learns that she and her "mommies" form a "special" family and that only love matters in a relationship..... Full story visit http://www.mobxpozd.com/BkHRTS.html
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Best Answers: How do you protect school children from homosexual agenda?

Alix Alix | 3 days ago
Take them to church. Make sure it is a church that tells the truth! Romans 1 is something that anyone who has a question about whether homosexuality or SIN is a sin. Let them know that everything that happens in the world is not right. The Bible is the guide for us not what the world says is okay. The devil is on his job and he is definitely trying to attack our young people through this world's so called tolerance teaching is what he is using to do it. Let your children know that it is okay to stand up for what the Bible says is right even if it contradicts what society says. Only what you do for God will last!
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Uriah Uriah
Before I start and am accused as being homosexual, I'm straight with a husband and two children of my own and I can't believe what you are asserting. You can't really believe that homosexuals have an agenda? In exactly what way is homosexuality being "enforced as a normal life style in most part of the US school curriculum"? What, is there a class now on how to become a homosexual? Good grief. Homosexuals aren't out to recruit your children. If your kids are straight then they are straight. If your kids are gay then I feel sorry for them.
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Rod Rod
I consider myself a fairly open person to homosexuals. I am for gay marrage and adoption. I take issue with teaching any sexual prefference to young kids. How old are the kids? Are they juniors and seniors in high school or are they the very young. I am not much of a fan on sexual education in schools before the 8th grade. I live in a very conservative area and my kids are 7 and 4 and we have not had this come up yet.
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Michah Michah
One solution is to promote a healthy school environment. Children should have both men and women role models teaching in front of them all day. Games and classroom activities which promote interaction between boys and girls would certainly be helpful. I "would not buy" into the school environment which you described. If I could not afford to enroll them in a decent school, I would home school my children myself. I would always try to tell them they have options all their lives. If they choose wrong ones, they will suffer for them, sooner or later.
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Every flesh presser creates a crises that they may be able to resolve. It offers us a way of urgency to select them. Right now we see the left doing it, however the Republicans most commonly are rapid to speak approximately chopping taxes and the way which will resolve all disorders (it is going to handiest resolve so much). What we quite want is our elected officers to respect that a bunch of attorneys in DC (themselves) have no idea squat approximately jogging something. We must select truly humans to symbolize us and we must difference them out like soiled diapers.
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LOLZ nice question man!! i ask myself the same question and get the same answer its just dumb to protect them so much, our society is so ****** up nowadays, it doesnt make a difference wheter u protect the child or not... leave em be, u will not protect them forever..let them live life

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