My left eyelid is very jumpy and twitching?

My left eyelid is very jumpy and twitching? Topic: Case studies for massage therapy
July 17, 2019 / By Bryanne
Question: It's been about 3 or 4 days now, it was very jumpy the first 2day like the eyelids keep becoming jumpy, then this past 2 day its not as bad but I still feel the left eye very jumpy sometimes, is this bad? what should I do? I heard its because its because you are stressed, I have been studying a lot for college exams now and I get like 6to 8 hours sleep everyday right now.
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Alleen Alleen | 6 days ago
Lid twitching is usually stress related, and in this case the stress is probably the result of concern for the result of your exams. Try to stay relaxed. Use warm compresses and massage the area that's twitching with your finger tips. Take vitamin B1 for long term therapy.
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Utai Utai
I have had the same problem, due to lack of sleep. Hopefully after your exams you can catch up on much needed rest and it will go back to normal on its own. The one time I needed medical intervention was when the twitch was below my eye on my cheek. It lasted for more than a week and I finally had a small amount of Botox put into it by a dematologist. It is a miracle drug for people with wrinkles as it immobilzes the muscles so the face can't wrinkle...in my case it froze the muscle so it would stop twitching. Hang in there! Good luck with finals!
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Roderick Roderick
You can't be too stressed if you are napping for 6-8 hours a day. How many hours do you sleep per night? Sometimes these minor twitches are due to too much sleep, which is prob. true in your case. If that's not it, than it's herpes...
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