Everyone hates my best friend! how do u stick up for her?

Everyone hates my best friend! how do u stick up for her? Topic: How to write a trip report
July 17, 2019 / By Bryony
Question: hi. yesterday in our homeroom something happened. our homeroom gets roudy. and this kid pulled my jacket over my friends head and said "you are comoing with me." he pulled her. then she tripped and fell with the jacket over her head. then the kid he stradled her and humped her leg. we were all staring at this. some of us in disbelief and others were just laughing. Me and my other friend looked at each other. we weren't sure what to do. and my bff she screamed. then he got up and walked away like nothing happened. My friend told her to tell sommeone. because this was sexual assault. so i begged my BFF to tell the teacher. she came in after the kid got up and asked why we were all so noisy. I went with my bff to tell the teacher out in the hall. so it eneded up the kid got suspended and my bff had to write a report. she just wanted it to be over with . and the kid got suspended for 5 days. which idk is kinda harsh... but whatever. and so today at lunch all of the kid's friends were mad at my bff because she ratted him out and now he is suspended. and one of them (who is- or was- good friends with my bff) called her a *****. I wasn't at lunch that day cuz i had a dr's appointment. so they ended up changing tables. we sat with them. and today when we were walking down the hall one of they guys called her a whore. (sorry for the language) and i stopped, ( I am on crutches cuz i have a cast on my leg so i be tit was a scene) and i said. "excuse me? WHat did you just call her?" and she was like "Norah lets go" and i said "no he just called you a whore taylor." and i turned back to him and said " so she is whore because she did what was right? so you are standing up for your friend who did something so out of line. what does that make you? next time you call somone a whore please make sure its for something bad... like humping someones leg for example." and then she pulled me away. I got really mad and i don't know where it came from but i said it. and i was glad. but they are still calling her names and giving her glances. I don't think that name caller told his friends... so how can i stick up for my friend. we are in hardly any classed together. we just have homeroom together. so what cani do? did i do the right thing by telling of that kid..? help!
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Allene Allene | 7 days ago
The same thing happened to me (believe it or not). My bff and i were walking down the hall when a boy grabbed her crotch and laughed. We told the principal and got him suspended. His friends threatened us and called us lying b*tches. We ignored it. At one point my bff cried. Finally, I was so mad I yelled at the kid. "You @sshole! Leave us the F'ck alone! Go away before I get YOU f'in suspended." It worked. Lol. We avoided them for a while until the whole thing "calmed down". You may want to tell on them or get a restraining order. NO ONE can be treated like that.
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Uthai Uthai
That was sexual harassment and the kid was lucky that all he got was a 5 day suspension. If they wanted to take it further, they could have kicked him out of your school because he was physical with her as well. The people around you are the ones being insensitive in this matter. They need to realize that what the kid did was NOT funny and that your friend did not deserve to be treated like that. Also, calling someone a sexually derogatory name can equal verbal assault. Police actually can give a fine for saying things like that if the school called them into this matter. If your friend is still being treated poorly, then it needs to be addressed and a teacher or principal should be told about what is going on. I applaud you for sticking by your friend. A lesser person would have tried to just stay low.
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Rodge Rodge
wow i read the whoole thing. well that kid is really stupid that did that. if hes popular then you have a problem , because popular people have a way of getting what they want. but if i were you, everytime they are mean to you jus be like hahahaaa phuck you guys and then walk away lafing. just laf it off, make it seem like you dont care at all. when they call your bff a whore be like yeah hahaaa she is a whore cuz she loves to hump everything in site, inn a really sarcastic way.
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Micky Micky
I'm not a very friendly person,and i kind of have a problem with spazzing out on people or cussing them out and i would have probably gotten up in the kids face screamed at him\her and then got suspended for hitting him\her. So if You ask me your perfect:]:p
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Jules Jules
Who cares, just ignore the people, that kid got what he deserved, and you and your friend did the right thing. Just stick with what you believe is right and don't go with all the crap that other people are saying, they probably don't even know why he got suspended in the first place!
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Harri Harri
you and your friend should just ignore it. Thats the best thing to do they hate it when u ignore them. if u hear something mean just tell a teacher. never ever confront someone by yourself. I know people still might not like u and ur friend but its whats right. you have rights not to be stepped on by other people. If they do it again just keep telling.
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