What it means to truly be Southern?

What it means to truly be Southern? Topic: Being unique and different essays
July 17, 2019 / By Bunny
Question: I have to type and essay by tomorrow about what it means to be southern, what exactly can I say? (We live in Nc) Everyone loves sweet tea from a mason jar, nascar and we go to church on sundays. We say "yall" and have accents sometimes. Our communitys made of farmers and our schools are made of many districts going to one school. Everybody knows everybody... how can I add on or stretch that 2 a page and a half??!! Please help. Thankyou!
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Alline Alline | 9 days ago
That’s a hard thing to write about. When you are talking about a community there are always going to be similarities and differences between individuals. I live in Michigan and even our state is incredibly diverse. The other issue is that we all live in the same country and the livelihood isn't going to be significantly different whatever region you are in. To write about what makes the South unique you really would have to go to different places and experience them for yourself or read about someone else’s detailed experiences. Only then can you understand what makes the South different and unique. I'm not saying your teacher is asking you to stereotype, but it looks a lot like it from your question. Here in MI I know a lot of people that like NASCAR, go to church every Sunday, and even people that say yall. I live in a small town that is made up of farmers too. I would avoid stereotyping if at all possible and talk about things you know. Up here we have tornadoes instead of hurricanes. Roofs are sometimes built differently because of the thick snow. One growing season vs. two. Here we don't have any dangerous snakes. This is what I would write about if I had to write such a paper. I don't know what sets the "north" or "west" apart because I've only ever lived in my state. Showing affliction to ones region inside a nation is an odd thought to me. I think that it is an unnecessary cultural boundary. Anytime you talk about different cultures, stereotype is inevitable. To me we should stereotype as little as possible and raising cultural boundaries only heightens it and there are lots of examples of how cultural boundaries ended in disaster. Personally, I consider myself an American but, maybe you could talk about how there isn’t many people that consider themselves “Northerners” as a part of your essay. I’m getting better at removing bias from my writing but still not too great at it yet. I don’t intend it.
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Uzal Uzal
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