How do you cite this kind of source?

How do you cite this kind of source? Topic: How to make a good bibliography
July 17, 2019 / By Bunty
Question: Ok, well i need to cite sources for this big project I have... Well I know how to cite all of the sources except the Death Certificate and the Honorable Discharge certificate anybody know how? And if it has a way on OSLIS then can you please tell me what it's under? Thanks.
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Allison Allison | 10 days ago
Try noodlebib.com It's like an online bibliography, but you have to make a username first. It's free and super easy. It walks you right through the process and has dozens of different things you can cite. Try it out =D Good luck!
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Allison Originally Answered: Where to cite my source?
Depends on the reference style, if you're given free choice, look up Harvard referencing, better to have a known standard. I go between a few depending on the professor's preferred format, but in general, in text references go in as "(author lastname, year)" after the relevant sentence. For example, "The population of Australia is estimated to be 23.13 million (World Bank, 2015)". If you want to use the page number as it is in the article, you can put it after year. As far as the reference list goes, if it's a credible journal article, you should be able to put "Name (year). Title, in Journal, volume, number, page". If you can only get a web address, then you can reference that. Harvard, APA, ect, have standard referencing styles for all kinds of resources. In short, short in-text references are good and should go right after the information used from the resource. The entire article with title, webpage and publisher references belong after the entire paper.
Allison Originally Answered: Where to cite my source?
Think about WHY you cite the sources. One reason is so that readers can know where you got each quote or each piece of information. Where does that suggest that you should put the citations?

Uzia Uzia
I recomend using easybib.com. But, you need to let people know if you need to cite it in apa or mla, they are both different.
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Uzia Originally Answered: How do I cite a source within a source?
When the source you were using cited another source, did you track down that source and look through it too? If not, I don't see the point in citing it.
Uzia Originally Answered: How do I cite a source within a source?
It depends on how accurate you want to be. If there's the potential of misleading people, you really ought to go back to the original source. You don't know if the secondary source took the original source out of context or misquoted it. If this is just for a homework problem or something, you're probably fine citing just the secondary source. If the secondary source is synthesizing different sources to reach a new conclusion, and that is the conclusion your paper makes also, then you should cite the secondary source. I think it would be wrong to cite the original source without first verifying it though.

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