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Mastering skills? Topic: How to develop essay writing skills
July 17, 2019 / By Burgundy
Question: I have to write an essay about skill that everyone could benefit from mastering. Whey would people benefit from have this skill? What are the consequences of not having this skill. I don't know how to answer this question, because I don't know about different people skill. Could you please give me an idea how to write it?
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Allissa Allissa | 1 day ago
I think a skill everyone could benefit from universally would be communication. Just think of all the pros and cons in fully mastering this. This is a skill used everyday, anywhere you go. This is something that we learn and develop as children and use until the day we die. Think of the different types of communication as well; verbal, and non-verbal. I think you could really get a lot out of using communication as your mastered skill for your essay. There is a lot to talk about...no pun intended!
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Uziah Uziah
Literacy is the obvious answer. Also, it would be very easy to research. Being able to read and write is so important for everyday life in the modern world and opens so many doors for people that we, living in an area with high literacy rates, have a hard time imagining life without an understanding of the written word. The amount of knowledge available and the efficiency of its distribution was vastly increased with the advent of the written word. Other choices I can think of: typing, a second (or multiple) language fluency, and being able to play a musical instrument.
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Rohan Rohan
Reading is the mother of all skills. We connect with other people, world around us by reading ideas, feelings, and collected knowledge over the years. To make, convincing argument, you need to bring examples from real life. If you have time, interview a reading teacher in your school or people studying English in college.
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