How do I completely start over with a laptop?

How do I completely start over with a laptop? Topic: How to write a leave letter format
July 19, 2019 / By Cadence
Question: There was a virus on my computer and the screen is blue and has random letters on the top left when I turn it on. I set a start up password also (not a login password) and I have no clue what it is now. Here is the problem, I can only turn on the computer, I can not do anything else. So how do I completely start over so it is like the day I first turned it on? The computer is a widescreen hp from 2005.
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Allycia Allycia | 3 days ago
What you'll need.... Windows installation disc and product key. Driver installation programs for your graphics and sound cards plus any SATA drivers your system requires and the disc from your ISP (Virgin, BT etc.) to enable internet connection. Most systems are set to boot from CD/DVD by default. To check yours, on boot up, keep tapping either F2, F10, (Be Aware that some manufacturers use F10 for system recovery!) Esc or Del (depending on your system) to get to the BIOS setup. Check in the boot order that the CD/DVD is the first boot device. Place the Win disc in then save and exit. You might be asked to 'Press any key to boot from CD', do so. If not, restart with the CD in. Follow the prompts to format the existing Windows installation (if present) and install the new version. Somewhere along the way, you'll be prompted to hit F8 to agree with the terms, enter the regional details and the product key. The computer may restart a couple of times, but leave the disc in. Once the installation is finished, you'll be asked to activate Windows. Choose the 'Activate by phone' option (you'll need the group of numbers on screen and a pen and paper to write down the activation code to enter). When you've activated, load your drivers/ISP get some anti-virus and run Windows update, You're done!
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Uzzia Uzzia
Well, if you have a Vista cd then when you start up press F12 repeatedly then put your vista cd in then use the arrow keys to go to the cd-rom and then it will guide you to reformat the hard drive (wipe out the hard drive witth the virus) and then it will install a fresh copy of Windows. I dont know what to do if you dont.
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Rolland Rolland
If you have recovery discs then turn on press F8 or F12 continually until you enter the bios set the boot drive as your CD DVD drive, save and exit the BIOS and then put the recovery disc 1 into the drive close the draw and reboot your machine. it will boot from your disc.
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