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Looking for ideas and thoughts? Topic: Blog article writing ideas
July 19, 2019 / By Caelie
Question: I write a blog about health and wellness. Mostly about natural health and wellness. I would like to hear your thoughts and ideas about what you would like to see in a health and wellness blog. I'm trying to get ideas from others then I know what other people are concerned about and would like to know more about. I guess you can say that I'm doing a survey. Please let me know your thoughts and ideas. Thanks!
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Alma Alma | 5 days ago
I want to see a good article on what is the best way to relax muscles. I think that relaxed muscles is at the top of the pyramid for what makes a person healthy. Relaxed Muscles = Proper Breathing = Maximum Oxygen = Number One Element a Person Needs to be Alive I also think that not many people, including most practioners, actually have no idea how to relax muscles.
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Alma Originally Answered: Marijuana. Your thoughts?
First of all, you're NOT always going to get biased opinions as an answer. Take me, for example. I have ACTUALLY SMOKED marijuana for a LONG TIME, and KNOW what I'm talking about. Stating fact is not biased. It is stating fact. Marijuana will NOT mess up your life, or your family. If that happens, it would have happened without the MJ. Second of all, if we use the reasons given to us why we shouldn't smoke pot that "it's bad for you so it should stay illegal", then you can logically assume that every other thing that is bad for you should be illegal such as cars, guns, eggs, bacon, butter, caffeine, tobacco, alcohol. Since these are not illegal, (but ADMITTEDLY BAD FOR YOU) you can logically assume that there are other reasons for it being illegal. Coming from somebody who has had PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, smoking anything is bad for you. That is your choice, correct? The actual chemical THC is 'bad' for you in that it makes you slow, but that is why you smoke it in the first place. That is the desired effect, so it is not actually bad for you if you think about it. Smoking tobacco is bad for you, and in my (experienced) opinion, worse for you than marijuana. The worst thing about MJ is that it is illegal. It is not intrinsically bad for you, since none of the effects are permanent, and they are all reversible. Do the research, people, this is not biased information, this is simple fact. Fact. Coming from somebody who has real-life experience with it, not propaganda, and not outwardly-biased opinions, it is not "bad".

Uzziel Uzziel
You could always say things that the FDA is doing (like cracking down on Red Yeast Rice because Statin drugs were made from it.... and they're complaining that Red Yeast Rice has Statins naturally occurring in it). You could also suggest ways that people can counter that as much as possible to let them know that they don't like how much natural products are being attacked (like writing letters to mayors, congressmen, senators, governors, etc... anyone in the political arena). We get a lot of customers complaining about that, so I try to tell as many customers as I can.
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Rolly Rolly
I am a Nikken Wellness Consultant. I would be interested in where your blogs are posted. This is my corporate branded site take a look. www.mynikken.net/n5pillars
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Millard Millard
Why cosmetics manufacturers continue to put toxic ingredients into their products that are slowly killing us, and why are we so stupid as to buy the stuff anyways. Are we that vain, that we have to kill ourselves to look good. Is all that makeup really worth it. Some people look better without it.
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Since your request is being totally ignored, I would completely skip the speech altogether....print out your speech instead as a personal letter to your guests and either place a copy under each place setting or frame it and place it within easy reading of your guests...if asked why explain that your request for consideration during speech giving was ignored so rather than be humiliated by infantile behavior, you opted out of giving a speech and did it this way instead. ...totally disrespectful and shameless guttersnipe behavior IMO. Do NOT mistake tradition for etiquette-the two are entirely different things. If a couple find a tradition tasteless and object to it, they have every right NOT to incorporate it in their big day....case in point is the old country custom of the Shivaree..it might be 'tradition' but it's crude and disrespectful if carried too far and many 'traditions' are.

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