Is part of the reason that (some) Pakistani people hate black people?

Is part of the reason that (some) Pakistani people hate black people? Topic: Case seahorse
July 17, 2019 / By Caetlin
Question: And pride themselves if they have light skin? I've seen this coming from Pakistanis a lot in particular, an infereority complex maybe? Indoctrinated with the image of a blonde hair and blue eyed picture of perfection? Is this too, why particularly in asian culture, those who have darker skin are 1) Seen as of lower class 2) Find it difficult to get jobs 3) Find it difficult to find a spouse Is this a sickness in the ummah? (FYI, I know not all Pakistanis are this way. My fiance, a Pakistani is ashamed of this aspect of his culture and hates it passionately. FYI2, I am a white western woman.) One more thing also, my Fiances parents, grew up in Pakistan and around htis culture and have still broken out of it. Theres no excuse... @Pakistani Chap - There is humour, and there is racism under the cop-out of humour. Only one of which is funny. There are limits to what is funny, and what is down right aimed at offense. In your previous question, you more than surely crossed that line. @Smurf - Your ignorance doesn't anger me. It saddens me. Inferiority complex, you love your light skin don't you? @ Pakistani Chap - No, I don't believe this at all. But I'm not speaking generally and I made sure to point that out. There is no denying that Asian culture prefers fair skin, this doesn't go to say that all Asians are this way but it is something inherent within the culture. The inferiority complex issue, goes far back into the depths of history and is more prevalent now than ever. I don't need my Fiance to point this one out, I've lived around Asians my entire life. @ Seahorse - My husband was born in England. You know nothing about me. @ Smurf - Current political climate, you will probably get the same figures for Pakistanis. You point the finger, theres 3 pointing back at you. @ Pakistani Chap - Yes, I do agree. The family I'm marrying into, and the community around where I am moving to Masha'Allah are very much on the deen and do away with such nonsense. Maybe the phrasing in your quesion angered me, but what you said has the potential to cause fitnah, likewise of the smurf. The inferiorit complex in which I have referred is not to do with respect, it is to do with a subconcious media propegated image of white superiority (which ofcourse I am staunchly against) but you see within both Asian (all Asians, particularly Koreans/Japanese and Chinese but pertaining to Pakistani and Indians also), a desire for fair skin due to years of subjugation by white America, you may not wish to admit it but the desire for fair skin stems from a false notion that white = sucess. Smurfs answer is a prime example.
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Almah Almah | 6 days ago
"One rotten apple spoils the whole Batch", so due to Paindoos like Khawaja all must share the blame. It is one thing to say oh no it is bad but at the same time do nothing about it, so no doubt we are all guilty. I honestly don't like to be lighter nothing at all to do with ethnicity or anything else, Just my preference. That said no doubt about it a huge proportion of people in the subcontinent would like to be lighter, not just in the subcontinent, Middle East, Africa, even Latin America. The answer is not that simple. It is true to some extent this primitive thinking is becoming obsolete but still prevalent nonetheless. There is no doubt some Asians definitely are racist towards Black people, and no doubt is abhorred and is something to be embarrassed about. Yet it is not just to do with skin color or the society. Asians are racist even with each other(again not all like you mentioned) and not limited to skin color. I don't think you can simply attribute this to 'inferiority complex', many for example can be very nationalistic and no doubt hence color of skin becomes a target as well. It is usually women who are portrayed as a prize if they are lighter and hence no doubt are made to feel self conscious. So there is pressure! It will take time to break free from this conditioning. So the point still remains how to shatter this sense of hidden classicism or racism. No doubt education is important, but it would be of no use if people themselves do not want to change. People say this is wrong but in turn do exactly the same thing. The conditions must be stable as well. Again like many things it is also important that women become independent, usually in the subcontinent women have to rely on the mercy of men, and it is women who have to pay huge dowries in some cases. If the playing fields were to be even, it will automatically break. just look in UK; Leeds, London etc. Within Asian communities it is no longer an issue, color is not even looked at(apart from like you mentioned people still adhering to those primitive traditions). Ethnicity doesn't matter, no doubt still there is a huge pressure to continue the cultural traditions and hence marry within own culture, but interracial marriages are becoming common and common; Black, White, Chinese etc etc. The issue is not as simple like I mentioned and not just limited to Pakistan. It is abhorred like you mentioned about Islam, but suddenly Islam goes out of the window. Culture takes precedence over Islam. It is wrong that a woman does wear a Hijab and in some cases a huge fuss is made over this, yet nothing wrong with ill treatment of women, classicism or racism!!
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Almah Originally Answered: Why are there still so many stupid white people that hate black people?
White people don't hate black people. I am white, and I don't care what color someone's skin is, but there are stereotypes that people have earned for themselves.. like if you're missing teeth and have a mullet in 2009, you're probably a redneck. I think that's a safe assumption, and to be fair, there are similar assumptions about every race. I really think SOME black people feel the need to call out racism when it doesn't exist. Like crying wolf, and it is really ridiculous. It CLEARLY looks like you put too much thought into this. About hte Obama stuff - who cares if he is black?! He got a lot of votes BECAUSE he is "black", so is that right? No. No one paid attention to his sketchy past or terrible policy ideas - the important stuff. Why people like Eminem? He can actually write his own stuff, and it's not 100% about sex, drugs, guns, rims or clubbing. He's fast and funny, and most others don't include humor. Know who buys his albums? The SAME people who buy 50 cent and TI, and they buy it because they like that style of music, not because someone is white or black. Ugh I am so sick of people trying to make a stir. Maybe before you call other people racist you should look at yourself and he way YOU separate race. Why does it matter so much to you? Think about yourself.

Val Val
Originally the caste system wasn't based on skin color. It was when the aryans conquered India they installed this caste system and put the original inhabitants of India at the lowest level, it just so happened that those Indian were dark skinned. So the aryans which were light skinned were at the top of the system and the Dravidians (dark skinned) were at the bottom. So naturally people just started assuming the darker the skin, the lower on the caste, the more worthless they are...sadly. I have noticed that Indians and Pakistanis have a strong dislike for black people. Not all of them of course. But it's stronger in their culture or whatever it is than in others. And the above has a lot to do with it.
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Rolo Rolo
I'm Pakistani, and these racist people are making my blood boil. You're right though, both Indians and Pakistani's seem to want lighter skin badly (although neither party will ever admit this - watch how they cover it) and it's mainly because: In the olden days, in India and what is now known as Pakistan and Bangladesh, all the rich people used to employ poor people to work around the house as gardeners and also to work outside the house on the streets. Due to the warm sun, the poor people used to end up with darker skin, so lighter skin was suddenly seen as being something which shows your wealth (l;ighter skin equalled wealth, as darker skin = poor person who worked in the sun). But now it's just become a part of the mentality. It's also probably got to do with hollywood actresses and the british raj I'm guessing. I actually really like my culture, but there are a few aspects (like taboo topics and no privacy and this skin issue) which I hate. Education will bring sanity though.
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Milton Milton
It's not just Pakistani people who do that. A lot of people in other races do it aswell. It's pretty weird to be honest, because the majority admire white and pale looking skin but if you go to European countries, the majority want tanned skin. At the end of the day, we're never satisfied and we want what we can't have.
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Kae Kae
Yeah that's weird. I think the only way to destroy racism in the world is by producing mixed-race babies. If everybody married and had children with people of different races then there wouldn't be any racism because its not easy to be racist to a mixed-race person. I guess the more multicultural a country is, the less racism there is and more open mindedness and tolerance. So maybe Pakistan should become a multicultural country with different races to get rid of its racism. Like how it is in the UK.
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Kae Originally Answered: Is there a particular reason why black people say egyptians are black?
They are Afro Centrists, bigots, or plain ignorant.Cleopatra was Greek(Indo european Aryan White)- her HALF sister was half Greek/half Nubian Black. The Ancient and Modern egyptians were Arab semitic White-Afro Centrists,bigots, and the plain ignorant often claimm they were the Black Nubians- NOT TRUE. It has been confirmed that the Ancient and Modern Egyptians were/are Arab Semitic White, NOT, the Black Nubians, by DNA and anthropological skeletal(mainly the skull) measurements, but Afro centrists, and, other misinformed keep insisting on HEARSAY, they were Black.There was was mixing of the two different ethnicities.DO VISIT THE LINKS TO CLARIFY THINGS FOR YOU. The Middle Easterners whom are Arab Semitic White(ancient and modern Egyptians are Arab Semitic White),and, generally have olive(golden brown) skin color,dark hair, and eyes-being Caucasian, a small percentage runs the same gamut as Indo European Aryan Whites. Arabs and the Southern Europeans are often mistaken for each other.Genetic tests on the Ancient Egyptian mummies and Modern Egyptians say yes, Egyptians, both Ancient and modern, are Arab Semitic White. They were Arab Semitic White since 5000 B.C.-Afro centrists often attempt to portray the Black Nubian-Sudanese-Kemetian slaves as the Ancient Egyptians- before that, the, region was populated by Blacks, most were driven out or assimilated through rape and consensual unions-there were indeed Black Nubian Pharoahs whom ruled from about 800-700 B.C.-helpful links: http://mathildasanthropologyblog.wordpre... http://www.geocities.com/enbp/pbs.html http://muse.jhu.edu/journals/history_in_... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Book_of_Gat… http://www.catchpenny.org/race.html http://www.jrbooksonline.com/PDF_Books/R… http://naturescorner.wordpress.com/2008/… http://connection.ebscohost.com/content/… Egypt is and was 65% Arab Semitic White, 30% Black/Arab Semitic White mixes-Hamites are now considered around a 50%-50% mix-i.e.-the late Anwar Sadat, models- Iman, Lila Kebedde, and Arab (Soul Train), all had Arab Semitic White fathers and Black mothers. Berbers and Moors are essentially Arabs with 8-15% Black heritage.5% are from all other ethnic groups.If you start in Northern(Lower Egypt) and move south towards Southern(Upper) Egypt, it is mostly Arab Semitic White, than gradually becomes more mixed with Black becoming increasingly more predominate(Egypt annexed part of Black Nubia in 1521 B.C. to make up its lower south western corner). As you move into Sudan(50% Arab-50% Black) , it becomes more Black. Sudan is part of Arab North Africa(1/3 of Africa). Ethiopia and Somalia are each 1/3 Arab and 2/3 Black. NOTE: There is NO such thing as a Black Arab. People confuse Nationality and ethnicity. There are Black Egyptians like there are Black Germans, but there are NO Black Indo European Aryan Whites, like there are NO Black Arab Semitic Whites.There are ONLY mixes as mentioned above. The News media often perpetuates this misconception by calling the Janjaweed of Sudan, Black Arabs. These are Black Sudanese whom turned against their own Black ethnicity, and, accepted Islam, learned Arabic, and accepted Arabic customs, much as if they accepted Cathlocism, learned German, and accepted Indo European Aryan customs. Egypt was the crossroads of many cultures ,and, probably has one of the most diversified populations on the planet.All pharoahs were known for their fertility-Rhamses II fathered over one hundred children from women of all ethnic backgrounds-we can dream cann't we, guys. For those who claim Cleopatra was Black, thousands of busts, drawings, paintings, and other likenesses(i.e.-coins) of her, along with written descriptions of her, from that time period, exist.One look and you can tell she is NOT Black(did not say she was Semitic White/White either-she is Greek(Indo European White),but definitely, not all ,if any, Black either), although she may possibly have some Black ancestry. Her half sister was half White(Greek)-half Black. The scholars seem to agree: Cleopatra was the last in a line of Ptolemies–Macedonian Greeks(Whites)–who ruled Egypt from the death of Alexander the Great in 305 B.C. until Antony’s defeat in the battle of Actium in 31 B.C. The Ptolemies, as was the custom, were an incestuous, intermarrying peoples (to preserve the royal bloodline),also often having relations with the courtiers and concubines who filled their palaces. Many of the children born of these unions were given a place in the royal lineage despite being illegitimate, the secret unspoken. Many believe that Cleopatra’s father was the product of such a union–his mother may have been a concubine from Nubia(Black) or Alexandria(White). Lending credence to this theory is the fact that Cleopatra’s bond to the people of Egypt seemed greater than those of her Ptolemic ancestors, who aligned themselves culturally and linguistically with Greece. The Badari are actually a hybrid of Black(Nubian)/Arab Semitic White- Mulattos-Hamites whom predominated in Southern Egypt. Numerous anthropological studies were performed on Badarian crania after two successful excavations conducted in the mid- to late-1920s. The usual result was that the Badarians were African ***HYBRIDS***(emphasis mine). Notably in 1971 Physical Anthropologist Eugen Strouhal re-analyzed over a dozen independent scientific studies (a couple of which were his own) performed previously and summarized their results to arrive at a similar conclusion: "mixture of races." Recent re-analyses of previous studies, including Professor Strouhal's paper, reveal that only West and South African skulls were included in the baseline for a determination of "true n*egro" though, while the typically elongated East African skull forms were disregarded, assumed not to indicate true blacks. Some recent studies additionally suggest a modal metric phentoype in Badarian crania that is much more similar to the Tropical African series than to the various other samples studied. Near the end of his paper (1971), Professor Strouhal further enumerated several archaeological studies that suggest a migration of culture, practice and belief from African regions located to the west and south of the Badarian sites. Strouhal's work is noted in a 2005 study of the Badari which concluded: "The Badarians show a greater affinity to indigenous Africans while not being identical. This suggests that the Badarians were more affiliated with local and an indigenous African population than with Europeans. It is more likely that Near Eastern/southern European domesticated animals and plants were adopted by indigenous Nile Valley people without a major immigration of non-Africans. There was more of cultural transfer.": http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Badari Caucasoid – E (only subclade E1b1b is a Caucasoid marker-all other sublades of E are N*egroid haplomarkers), F(Semites), H, I, J(Semites-1 & 2), K, L3(Semites), T, U, V(Semites), W, X, Y. Mongoloid(anthropologists now include American Indians(Red) and Malaysians(Brown) ethnicities in this group – C, D, F, G, O, Q, S- American Indians also have A, B, and X. N*egroid – A, B , E(except for subclade E1b1b which is a Caucasoid haplomarker), L1 & L2, M & N-all groups have these, but certain subclades are restricted to Blacks-presence of N in Blacks is not clearly defined and is possibly considered due to genetic backflow rather than present normally. M, N - is present in ALL ethnicities, but certain subclades are restricted to only Blacks. P, R, Z - Caucasoid and Mongoloids only, not Blacks. A better question is why do Black Nubians always try to claim Arab achievements as their own? Diodorus Siculus as well as the Ethiopans indicate the Egyptians are different from the Ethiopians whose armies occupied Egypt for a short time until the Arabs drove them out."They [the Ethiopians] say also that the Egyptians are colonists sent out by the Ethiopians, Osiris ["King of Kings and God of Gods"] having been the leader of the colony . . . they add that the Egyptians have received from them, as from authors and their ancestors, the greater part of their laws." Diodorus's declared intention to trace the origins of the cult of Osiris, alias the Greek Dionysus also commonly known by his Roman name Bacchus. The Homeric Hymn locates the birth of Dionysus in a mysterious city of Nysa "near the streams of Aegyptus [Egypt]" (Hesiod 287). Diodorus cites this reference as well as the ancient belief that Dionysus was the son of Ammon, king of Libya (3.68.1), and much of Book 3 of the Bibliotheka Historica [Library of History] is devoted to the intertwined histories of Dionysus and the god-favored Ethiopians whom he believed to be the originators of Egyptian civilization.[emphasis added]: http://wysinger.homestead.com/strabo.htm… The Ancient Egyptians borrowed heavily, including their hieroglyph system, from the slightly older(100-200 years) ADVANCED Black Nubian tribe Ta-Seti.

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