Aerospace engineering job outlook?

Aerospace engineering job outlook? Topic: California research laboratory
July 19, 2019 / By Calantha
Question: yea how does it look? Please, only people who actually know about this subject answer. What colleges do you guys recommend?
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Alvena Alvena | 10 days ago
The big aerospace companies know that around half their technical staff will retire in the next 10 years. They all know they need to staff up. This is a very good field. Many of these companies (along with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory) are located in southern California. The college I recommend is Cal Poly Pomona because they emphasize hands-on real-world projects that make you well prepared to be a working engineer. All engineering colleges have some degree of hands-on stuff but Cal Poly does more than most right from your very first semester. If you make it through engineering at Cal Poly and you are not flunking out, you will most likely get several good offers, even in lousy economic times. If you live on the east coast, also consider Rutgers, Purdue, Stevens, Lehigh, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, and Rochester Institute of Technology. If you are more geared for research and teaching, consider MIT, Princeton, Stanford, Cal Tech, and U of Chicago.
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Alvena Originally Answered: Aerospace engineering colleges?
Most colleges in southern US have good aerospace engineering programs, especially in Texas, NM, and Arizona. They are also near test facilities (in the dessert) so you can get nearby internships and it will be 10x easier to get a job after college. (You also get paid during your internships)
Alvena Originally Answered: Aerospace engineering colleges?
As any individual who has struggled to pay for tuition, I'd soar in every single place any possibility to move someplace providing me a colossal scholarship however I additionally have an understanding of in need of to move on your most sensible alternative college relating to engineering methods. Have you implemented to A&M to look what scholarships you can be capable to get from them? Structural engi is not a primary on its possess, however you might primary in civil then take structural categories to your higher degree electives (that is what I'm doing). If you desire to do aerospace although that is one more measure than civil however I consider you'll be able to decide on electives from one more strong point. It's a difficult alternative for certain! You must speak to an adviser approximately your offerings and get their enter. You must be capable to get in contact with any individual within the engineering division at every college. Good success!

Vere Vere
Funny you should ask, take a look at this website. http://www.discoverengineering.org/ I just found it tonight. Good Luck. Texas schools, and Florida schools. However, a lot of colleges up and down east coast most likely have it. If you got to princeton review, find a college with aerospace engineering. you can then click on which colleges offer the degree..
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Ronald Ronald
i'm making plans on going to varsity to grow to be a utility engineer. I distinctly advise which you google seek "aerospace engineering discription" or somthing resembling that. Then, on a internet site, seem for the place it saids the interest outlook. It skill the style of jobs positions which will open, no longer the style of latest those with that profession.
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Ronald Originally Answered: What are good universities for doing PhD in France in Mechanical / Aerospace Engineering?
Long ago, in 1972 that I was working in south east France in the city of Poitiers, that I met one person who was doing his PhD there in aerospace. I do not remember his name. His work had a direct connection with French aerospace developments. He was married and his wife was working as a packing girl in the company that I was working with. I had opportunity to visit their residence and have a chat, when the person told me that he was happy doing the course in France. That was because he was having a good knowledge of the French language. His experience tallied with mine. If you have a good knowledge of French language, then the French respect you and help you, as much as we Indians would do for English speaking French person here in India. Because of the language barrier, France is not yet as much polluted as the US & UK. This turns out to be an advantage to those who could learn and prefer French to American/English. These courses are recognised well in European union, so the standard need not be questioned. But that was 37 years ago, and should not be taken as a reference by any standard. Check if you could get a better feedback. Good Luck. Mangesh PS : If you wish to learn French, the best place is Alliance Francais, which exists in almost all major cities in India and has both long and short courses.

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