My baby bearded feeding grounds?

My baby bearded feeding grounds? Topic: Particles textured paper
July 18, 2019 / By Calanthe
Question: I have purchased a terrium mat for my baby bearded dragon and i have a hard time keeping it down flat so that the crikckets dont get underneath the mat... So i used masking tape to tape the sides and i want to know if that could do any harm to the dragon such as the heat from the basking light heating up the tape and producing harmful vapors. Also how many crickets should my dragon be eating because he eats alot more then 12 a day and he also eats his vegetables
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Alvina Alvina | 1 day ago
I wouldn't worry about masking tape being toxic, you can also just use paper towels, non adhesive shelf liner or newspaper. As for using any type of particle substrate especially crushed english walnut shells your dragon DOES have risk of impaction "especially a baby one", it's not that common but there is a risk. The best thing that I have found to use is textured tile "I've used all of it" just don't seal them in that way they can be taken out to be cleaned. As for the babies feeding you should be offering it as many crickets the size between it's eyes dusted with non phosphorus calcium that it will eat in 15 minutes 2-3 times per day and on the seventh day of the week use a multi vitamin instead of the calcium. Also check out the care sheet at this site for more info.
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Alvina Originally Answered: How much do you feed a baby at first when feeding 1st stage baby foods (e.g. carrots, squash, sweet potatoes)?
Well as the allergy caution goes, you have to do the 4 day rule...feed the same food for 4 days to see if any allergy that might pop up. You can do the whole little jar of baby food or as much as your baby will take. Dont force him to finish. And if he seems to want more, you can try a half a jar. I make all my baby food, so I go by Ice cube size now..lol. here is a great site, it tells you how to make your own food, but also gives you advice on what to give, when to give it, how much, and what to avoid. http://www.wholesomebabyfood.com/ good luck

Vergil Vergil
Please stop using the mat. My daughter volunteers at a local reptile rescue center and we adopted a gecko a few years ago (at home) that only has 1 claw left. The owner of the center told us that before he had been brought to the center, he was kept on reptile carpet and all his claws had been ripped out, one by one, by getting stuck in the small loops in the mat!! He said it happens all the time. Imagine how painful that must be :( We also have a bearded dragon and another leopard gecko and I keep them all on Ground English Walnut Shells. It looks like sand, but is totally digestible. No risk of impaction!! Before I started using it, I checked with the owner of the center and our vet..they both thought it was a great idea to use. As far as how many crickets he eats..how old is he?? Adults can eat up to 50 crickets a day sometimes!! Babies should have more than 12, so that's fine..especially if he eats his veggies too.
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Ronnie Ronnie
Don't use the mat. As for feeding. I like to mix it up with mine. For crickets, I'll give him as many as he can eat in a 5-10 minute period. Then another day I will give him some veggies or some mealworms.
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Moe Moe
I wouldn't worry about the vapors, I would worry about the adhesive melting and your baby beardie stepping in it.. Also- a baby beardie should eat 50-100 crickets a day, YES, 50-100 a day... no bigger than the width between his eyes...
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Kasey Kasey
the tape on the cool side should be fine.. if you like at an arts and crafts store try finding velcro you can put to substatute.. .. you should limit the amount to the size of his head.. what i mean by this is his stomach is the size of its head so feed it an amount that when digested will fill his head
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Kasey Originally Answered: Whats wrong baby bearded dragon?
Sand is not good. Yes they are desert animals, but the sand that they live on is way different from anything you can buy. So, unless you go and retrieve sand from their native home, then I would stay away from using sand. You will have many different opinions about the care of a beardie. Do as much research as you can, the more recent info is the best, and after you have done this for a while you will find that the most recent info is the most accurate. Although bearded dragons have been around for a while, they are just recently becoming more popular as a pet - this causes more research on care, more experience with what works and what is right as apposed to what doesn't work and what info is wrong. Here is some important info for you to take a look at: They need at least a 40g tank - this is for each. You should never house two bearded dragons together as they can fight.They get big in size, plus this size tank will properly distribute the needed temps on the hot and cool side. The hot needs to be 90-100, the cool 80-90 (add 10 to both sides for juveniles). The temp can go into the 70s at night throughout the whole tank as this is the normal temp they are used to at night. Beardies also MUST have a uvb light 10-12 hours a day, and need to be able to get within 6-8 inches of it to properly receive its rays. Uvb helps some reptiles properly digest their food and receive the nutrients, especially calcium from their food. Any type of loose substrate is bad for a bearded dragon as it can cause impaction (http://www.beardeddragon.org/articles/im... The best substrates to use are repti-carpet, outside carpet, tile, non-adhesive shelf liner, paper towel, and even felt. If you have a beardie who likes to dig, you can place a towel or some paper towel, or even a flees blanket loosely where he likes to sleep. This will safely give him somethin to bury himself into. Here is some pics of my Spike with her favorite blanky: http://picasaweb.google.com/dolphinsilve... http://picasaweb.google.com/dolphinsilve... and http://picasaweb.google.com/dolphinsilve... Beardies need both live food and salads on a DAILY basis. The salads should contain a mixture of greens, like collard greens and others plus an occasion of fruits and veggies mixed in. Visit http://www.beautifuldragons.503xtreme.co... to get a listing of the foods that are good, and foods to stay away from. For the live foods NEVER feed your beardie meal worms or mice. Meal worms have too hard of an outer shell with very little meat inside making them hard to digest. Mice, no matter what size, are very fattening and hav very hard bones that are hard to digest. A bearded dragons digestive track is very very small and at one point has like a kink in it, anything that has not been digested properly up to this point can get stuck and cause impaction. This is why the rule of thumb as far as size of food, whether it be salads or live, is it should be no bigger than the space inbetween their eyes. Some better choices for live food are crickets, superworms (only when beardie is big enough), wax worms (on as a treat as they are fattening), calci-worms, silk worms, and the best are turk and dubia roaches. Alot of people freak when they first hear about the roaches, but they are not like your house roaches. I have a colony of dubia roaches. They are clean, don't smell like crickets do, easy to care for, and reproduce for themselves! Here are some pics of my dubia colony. There are more pics that you can scan through.... http://picasaweb.google.com/dolphinsilve... Always gut load all live feeders before giving them to your beardie. ************************************ Humidity is bad for a beardie and should only be at 30% in the viv. They normally do not drink from a bowl, but I keep a small one in there just in case. In the wild they drink from falling water when it rains as it falls down leaves and such. They also get it from their food, and it is good to soak your beardie as much as possible. You may hear about some who mist the inside of the tank, this is okay as long as it is not done too much or too often as it can cause the humidity to rise in your tank causing your beardie to get a respratory infection. When soaking a beardie, it can be done in some type of container, in the sink, or in the tub. Just be sure the water is warm - test this the same way you test a baby's bottle. It should only be as deep as up to the beardie's knees or shoulders. There is more important info about beardies, like during the colder months they go through brumation, which is similar to hibernation, but yet very different. To get more info on brumation, http://www.beardeddragon.org/articles/br... Visit http://www.beardeddragon.org/ for all kinds of info on how to properly care for your beardie. There are articles, care sheets, and a discussion area where you can read or pose your own issues.

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