My Grandfather and Uncle will NOT leave my house.?

My Grandfather and Uncle will NOT leave my house.? Topic: Is this your homework shirt
July 19, 2019 / By Caleigh
Question: They are both total losers. Even if they are relatives, they've been living in my house on and off for more than 4 years. They do not have a house, it has been claimed by the bank. They ended up living here full time since January 15th, and I'm sick and tired of it. I am twelve, and find it's kind of awkward to have a friend over or walk down the hall with my bra on, to get a shirt with my uncle living in my house. You've heard the stories. "TEEN RAPED BY UNCLE" I don't want that happening to me. My mom has tried and tried to get htem to leave the house, and it works, for only a few months. She finds it hard to get rid of them because they are her own flesh and blood. They are a great influence already on my 10 year old bro. He doesn't clean his room, or even try to get good grades. That's exactly how "they" are. What makes it worse is that they are mooching off of a single mother. My mom. No father in the house, so my uncle is a "wonderful" father figure. This sucks. HELP ME!
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Alycia Alycia | 3 days ago
Your mom is an adult and calls the shots here. If they have done nothing illegal or immoral, you are kind of stuck. Keep talking with mom about how you feel. But in the mean time, you can make your mom's life as easy as possible. You can clean, help cook, do laundry. She may see your extra work and someday have a wakeup call. Your little brother needs you too. He needs someone to help him with homework, help him clean his room and get involved in his own life. Mom is really busy, the men are losers. You can do this. You will never regret what you have done to help the family . God be with you and do the right thing. Your family needs you.
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Alycia Originally Answered: My grandfather passed away and his will isn't clear on who gets house?
Pascal's correct. What you think he wanted or even what he said he wanted doesn't count. What counts is his will and the manner in which the house was owned. Let's deal with the deed first. If there were two owners, then it's likely the house ownership was either deeded as "tenants in common" or "joint tenants." Tenants in common means that the ownership can be divided. So if the deed said that your uncle and grandfather each owned half, then half would go to your uncle and the other half to the three siblings. If it were "joint tenants," then the survivor gets it all. If your uncle and grandfather were joint tenants, then ownership would pass to your uncle. Now, let's deal with the will. The will would apply if your grandfather were the only owner, or if he held the property as tenants in common. (Remember: If it's joint tenancy, the survivor gets it all.) So, if there's a will, then your grandfather's portion of ownership is divided according to the will. Example: If your uncle and grandfather were tenants in common, with each owning half, and your grandfather's will left his house equally to his 3 siblings, then the final division would be: Uncle: 50%, Sibling 1: 16.67%, Sibling 2: 16.67%, Sibling 3: 16.67%. Period. (If your grandfather changed his will and someone is asserting that he was not of sound mind when he did so--and that's very difficult to prove--then it's possible a court could invalidate his most recent will. Again, though, that's very, very difficult to show.) Hope that helps.
Alycia Originally Answered: My grandfather passed away and his will isn't clear on who gets house?
Granpa's siblings are not the heirs... only Granpa's kids. Without a written will, much less a legal will filed with the courts, the kids will be the heirs. The eldest kid is usually the executor, unless that person is out of town, then the next kid takes the helm, has to go to court and get control of the estate. That executor has to open a bank account to run all estate income and expenses through... "make the bank your accountant". Most states allow 2 years for the settling of the estate... selling off assets and dividing the remains between the heirs.

Verne Verne
haha thats crazy. but instead of just your mom telling them to leave, i suggest you and all your other family ask them nicely and have a good talk with your uncle and grandfather to leave. Just try talking to them, and if no one else wants to help you with this then you just go talk to them and dont be all mean about it because that might make them stay longer to get you mad. So just cool down and be calm with talking to them about it. And maybe you and your mom can even try finding them a place to stay, and help them out all the way untill their finally gone! I understand that family members can be a pain sometimes! good luck! ;)
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Rorie Rorie
Your mom could find the name and address of a shelter or Salvation Army where people can go to stay. Set a time for them to go. Have the police there at that time, so there is not trouble. Keep dressed when you are there with them!!!!! Lock your bedroom door too!!!
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Rorie Originally Answered: Do you think my father intentions is good? Should i plan to leave the house?
I suggest you find and listen to a radio show called The Dave Ramsey show. You can look it up on the internet. From that show and its website, you can learn a lot about budgeting your money now, and also in the future. Then if you ever do marry or for any other reason move out of your family home, you will be better able to financially support your new household. Don't do anything about your sister being a tomboy except you should love her just the way she is. She gets more than enough criticism and instructions from your father, so what she needs from you is friendliness and approval, so that she will not fall into depression and despair. We can't make this decision for you. There is a lot of value in the cultural tradition of living with your family until you marry. Value for the young person and for the family. But in your case, the family home is such a hostile place, that you are also at risk for falling into depression and despair by remaining there. The tradition is not worth letting yourself be destroyed. So, if you can remain healthy emotionally and physically while living in your father's house, then it is fine to stay there. But if you start having trouble at work because of your home life, or if you become so stressed that you can't eat at mealtime, or lose several nights sleep per week, those are warning signs that you would be better off living elsewhere. I understand it is not in your culture to live alone as a single person, but would it ever be possible for you to live with one of your married siblings or with an aunt or uncle? In any case, I think you should make plans for where you would go if you ever do leave, because if you have that plan set up, you will not feel so trapped, but it will be more a feeling of, you have the choice to leave or stay.

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