Looking for realistic verdict/settlement amounts on a Premises liability case.(brain Injery/trauma)LONG STORY?

Looking for realistic verdict/settlement amounts on a Premises liability case.(brain Injery/trauma)LONG STORY? Topic: Mental case stories
July 17, 2019 / By Calida
Question: Here is the story. (names will be left out) Kansas City, Missouri July 3 2005 early morning about 1:30AM a friend na I walked in to a nationwide resturant to grab a bite not. Shortly after I receive and finished my drink I realized that it was really late, and I was tired so We decided to turn in. (go home) We agreed to leave we walked outside, and noticed a group of cars/people in the parking lot that was not there before we went into the restaurant. We then noticed to girls fighting between 2 cars on the West side of the store parking lot. I was parked in the North west spot closest to the parking lot exit. My friend was parked next to me. We got to the front of our cars we started to chat for a second before leaving, when we were approached by a girl she said she was waiting for someone inside the restaurant and asked if she could chat with us for a sec. I said sure but we are leaving soon. All of a sudden she was thrown in to my car by a second female. I asked them to fight somewhere else the 2nd female left and came back with 6 guys I assaulted (wile unconscious) for about 5-10 minutes(as told by witness) I received 3 blood clots was in a comma and in ICU for some time fighting for my life. The guys where never caught. I have had 3 surgery scene then and have some mental and physical limitations (cognitive disorders) After being in the hospital for a while my current employer didn't know why I wasn't showing for work so he fired me. I have 2 lead whiteness in the car 1 is the first girl who approached me and a by stander is in the military he tried to help get the guys off me but was unable. I was never seen or approached by the manager or any other member of the restaurant after this they showed no signs of concern. Later to find out that the gathering of cars where (Street Racers) who the restaurant allowed to gather there for years! Without making them leave. Still to this day they gather there. What kind of settlement / verdict amount could i be looking at? I know it seems greedy but I haven't been able to work for almost 2 years. Unable to get assistance from the state or my family I'm married with 2 girls a 2yo and a 9mth old. We are about to be kicked out and on the streets if something doesn't happen. I do own and operate a janitorial service as it's all my limitations can do but we only have 1 contract left and it will end in august and I'm having trouble getting more I am considering a lawsuit settlement loan, money against my settlement when and if I receive 1 I don't feel like annoying my attorney with this so I ask you good people. Thanks,
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Best Answers: Looking for realistic verdict/settlement amounts on a Premises liability case.(brain Injery/trauma)LONG STORY?

Alys Alys | 4 days ago
It sounds to me like you are not entitled to anything. It sounds harsh but you said that you were not conscience at the time. So how to do you know what the people from the restaurant did or did not do? Sadly the issue sounds like it is with the people who injured you not anyone else.
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i studied that in a honors hist class in high school but it has been well over 10 years. here is an exerpt from a website i found: Brown v. Topeka Board of Education, 1954 legally ended segregation of public schools in the United States of America. That was the official stance, but for the majority of schools in the South, desegregation happened only on paper; and Macon County Alabama was no exception. Nearly ten years after the Brown v. Topeka Board of Education, schools in Tuskegee continued segregated practices, as did the entire Macon County school system.           Lee v. Macon County Board of Education attempted to force the desegregation of the public schools in Macon County.[1] Anthony T. Lee filed a complaint with the federal court against Macon County Board of Education in 1963. Because of the desegregation issues, the United States was added to the complaint on July 16,1963, as Plaintiff?Intervener and amicus curiae.   After six months of deliberations, Federal Justice Frank Johnson, on August 13,1963 ordered Macon County schools to desegregate.[2] The court?s ruling met with massive resistance in the white community. Governor George Wallace responded to Justice Johnson?s ruling with a news conference during which he made the following statement: ?In the name of the greatest people that have ever walked the earth, I draw a line in the dust and toss the gauntlet before the feet of tyranny, and I say Segregation now! Segregation tomorrow! and Segregation forever!?  On September 29,1963, Governor George Wallace ordered the Alabama Militia to block integration of Tuskegee High School. Tuskegee High School desegregated on September 29, 1963, and re-segregated on September 30,1963. As a result of ?white flight,? the majority of the white parents withdrew their children, leaving only one hundred and fifty whites and five blacks enrolled at the high school. By the end of that week, the hundred and fifty white students also left. Almost forty years have passed and Tuskegee public schools are still segregated. The newly built Booker T. Washington High School, formally Tuskegee High School, is predominately black, and Macon Academy (private school for white anti-desegregationist) is all white. Justice Johnson?s ruling did little to actually desegregate the schools of Macon County Alabama. The irony in this is that both schools were built on sites that face each other from opposite sides of the same street.[3] The litigation intended to desegregate Macon County schools. On February 3,1964, an amended complaint included Alabama?s State Superintendent and the State Board of Education System as defendants  (Lee v. Macon County Bd. of Educ., 267 F. Supp 458,470-M.D. Ala 1967). The amended complaint expanded the focus from Macon County to include statewide issues regarding desegregation. The new complaint alleged that the State Superintendent and the State Board of Education operated a racially dual school system throughout the State of Alabama. Moreover, the court found that the predecessors in these offices used their powers to maintain a dual system primarily through the day-to-day performances of their supervisory duties and operation of the state education system.[4] also, gov wallace was a racist to an extreme and was a member of the KKK. he also was planning on running for president. fortunately for our country, he was assasinated during a speech either before the presidential race had begun or right after it started. good luck!
Alys Originally Answered: Lee vs. Macon county, Alabama court case info and verdict?
satisfied, an equivalent distribution of the land will save the peace. i imagine it replaced into the safest verdict they could have given. Edit: Ask soreness Uncle- it really is not the reason they gave a million/3 to the Wakf board, that is because there also necessary to be justice for what befell in 1992, and that i trust this replaced into their way of acknowledging that.

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water. determining that Murvin replaced into the only one that knew a thank you to get around the monster, the king of the villiage went to Murvin's cabin on the sting of city. Murvin regarded outdoors, on condition that it replaced into the King calling, and desperate to ascertain what he needed. The king informed Murvin approximately how severe the area replaced into, and he informed him that devoid of his help, the full city might the two die, or ought to circulate. Murvin stood up and...
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Vernon Originally Answered: How long after an accident should I accept a settlement with the other party insurance. Or should I leave it?
I would say if you can get the amount that covers any time lost for work, medical and chiropractic bills, attorney fees, and any other costs that had to do with the accident, why not settle and not have the stress of an open case lingering about you? If it was an honest accident (IE. the driver wasn't drunk), then why punish them by trying to squeeze every dime out of them?
Vernon Originally Answered: How long after an accident should I accept a settlement with the other party insurance. Or should I leave it?
If this is a transparent reduce case that the legal responsibility is because of the opposite man or woman, their coverage service will wish to settle the problem ASAP. Now, is your state a "no fault" coverage state? If it's, the scientific costs will need to whole a exact quantity earlier than you'll sue, except you could have a provision on your possess coverage that gets rid of that. First, of all, you'll have aches and pains for a couple of days after an twist of fate, that's average. If I have been you, I might insist on having xrays of your neck and backbone. Many instances there's harm that allows you to now not exhibit for years. So, it's first-class to be looked at as throughly as viable. Even have a blood experiment and urinealysis. Several years in the past, I used to be in an twist of fate and the following day I went to my health practitioner. He established my urine and noticed a small quantity of blood. A few days later, there used to be extra. Guess what, I had a kidney stone the twist of fate jarred free. Now, the stone used to be now not the fault of the twist of fate, however the twist of fate moved it and I might up having surgical procedure as I would now not cross the stone. If you do not use a legal professional, you'll get taken. Insurance corporations wish to take the entire cash they may be able to, however do not wish to pay it out. If they provided you $one million, that implies they might provide you $five. It readily turns into a negotiating recreation. For probably the most side, a legal professional who makes a speciality of injuries is aware of what an harm is valued at and tips on how to manage coverage corporations. They recognise whilst to settle and whilst to visit courtroom. On your possess, they're going to now not provide you something for ache and agony or long term scientific costs as they're going to declare you'll be satisfactory sooner or later. Don't allow them to take you for a journey.

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