Does anyone know of a military school, Boarding school, christian private school for a 10 yr. old?

Does anyone know of a military school, Boarding school, christian private school for a 10 yr. old? Topic: Case straight knife
July 19, 2019 / By Cameo
Question: I have an extremely volatile 10 yr. old who has ADHD, Schizophrenia / Bipolar, and poss. Asperger's, that has increasingly become more and more violent. I have had to call the police on him for trying to throw a knife at my youngest he said because she told on him. He consistently hits, kicks and throws things @ my other children and myself several times a day. I have exhausted ALL forms of discipline. He has been under the care of a psychiatrist since he started Kindergarten (when they threatened to kick him out unless we medicated him) He has been on every med there is since, with little effect.Before you decide to leave a nasty comment on how to raise my kid, or that these are bad options, remember, ask yourself whether or not your are in this situation. We have done the counseling, the praise, sticker chart, treasure box, corner, spanking, parental training. I am a psych nurse and have been trained in handling ALL forms of psychiatric disabilities. He has been raised in the church, that my grandmother's father helped to build (literally) where my entire extended family and I and his older brother are members. We are without any other options, and the sheriff's Dept. has said the next time they are called on him, he will be locked up. He not only steals from family and friends, but has started stealing everything he can lay his hands on no matter where he is.He steals just to steal. He lies and is stubborn, even if you were right there and call him out, he will not give up on his lie.He refuses to do what he is told. He hates to be told what to do or that he can't do something.Please don't question my ability to parent, I have 2 other children who do not have the problems that he does. My oldest is a straight A 7th grader that's biggest problem is he won't put a book down. My youngest is a 7 yr old 2nd grader who knows more bones and muscles and the correct anatomical names than most adults and could articulate and tell you the proper location and function for the "sternocleidomastiod and gluteus maximus" @ 4 yrs old. I love my child and don't want to see him locked up, especially before I've tried everything, this IS our last option. Please only HELPFUL comments.
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Best Answers: Does anyone know of a military school, Boarding school, christian private school for a 10 yr. old?

Alyssa Alyssa | 10 days ago
I feel for you - it sounds like you have tried everything possible. Unfortunately, some very small percentage of children just can't be helped, and that may be the case with your son. Perhaps getting locked up will be a wake-up call for him. I wish you the best.
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Given what one said about the private school where you have Fs, Ds, and Cs, perhaps public school should be your choice. Ones mother has it right about a wasted amount in tuition. You cannot transfer all of your courses into public school because only the Ds and Cs would be passing grades. Then, private schools do not have transcripts as I understand. One suggestion is gather up all the papers, teachers' comments, tests, exercises from the classes where you received Cs. With documentation, one must have graduated from elementary and middle schools. Did one not graduate from those schools? One had to have been a graduate. Well, if one hasn't graduated from elementary or middle school, the public schools should have tests for one to test out of those grades. Hopefully, one will be admitted to a nearby public school without any extras. Some other suggestions about the value of the public schools. Even during the current recessions, public high schools have more equipment, more money to spend on schools, better trained teachers who are supervised both in their schools and by the state where the schools are located. All of that will predict better achievement outcomes for one. Private school students usually display just a little more ability, a little more motivation, and better math and reading skills. That does not mean that public schools will do the job of educating by themselves. Public schools have a 50% chance of failing to complete their tasks of educating all the students. That is because the dropout rate is exactly that 50%. Your Mom needs to know that from the time one enters a public school she and your Dad will be saving money because public schools are free to all students. Public schools are paid for by the taxpayers, the state government, and the federal government. Your parents will be saving $6,000 to $8,000 per year if they paid private tuition fees for 6 or 8 years. When transferring from a private to a public school, the student may feel limited because he may have to take several courses beyond those required to graduate from high school. However, one has learned something in the years spent in private school and in public school. Then, a high school diploma will mean something to your Mom and Dad. It will mean that their son will have better and greater opportunities as he goes on to college because he succeeded in public schools. That counts for alot.
Alyssa Originally Answered: Should I stay at private school or go to public school?
Based on my friends who also went to private school like you, they like the public school experience a lot better. There is so much more exposure to different groups of people, and I can say with confidence that you would find more friends and a larger support system in a public high school. Social issues aside, however, the percentage of kids who go off to college in your town seems a bit low. Perhaps it would be better to stay in private school if you want a decent education. There is also the possibility that you may not be able to pull up your grades in a public school, because the courses can also be rigorous. So what do you value more: a good education or new experiences with a larger social group? It's really up to you. There are drawbacks to both decisions, but you certainly can make the most of either.

Vince Vince
How I do feel for you.... and for me, because I was in exactly your shoes a few years ago. I have two Adhd kids at my house, a Granddaughter whose 13th birthday is next month and a Grandson who is 11. Her, I can handle as she has mainly the inattentive type, which is moderate and almost none of the hyper-activeness. He is severely both hyperactive and inattentive and has learning disabilities, Dyslexia and a Sensory Processing Disorder (related to the printed word). He had been medicated and been in counseling since mid-Kindergarten without significant or lasting improvement. He was then 7 or 8 and I became aware that his behavior was deteriorating to the point that I was afraid for our safety and my sanity. I began to search online for boarding schools for him but found only a very few that accepted kids of his age, most accepted only as young as 13. I was wanted them to be within my State (Texas) which limited my choices even further. However, that research went to the "back burner" when he threatened me with a fireplace poker and did not back down till the police arrived. I was absolutely desperate for help the next day and arranged an interview at my local Mental Health Mental Retardation Agency (MH MR). He was accepted for their program and it did help a lot but here is what helped the most. After he and I visited with their Psychiatrist about what was happening, the Psychiatrist immediately stopped the Strattera he had been taking for about 2 years and the aggressive violent behavior improved within a few days and totally disappeared within a couple of weeks. Even though I had read all the side effects and warnings, I had expected them to appear during the first few months after he started taking them. Instead I was looking at the deterioration using my "parents" eyes, rather than from a clinical perspective and it sort of sneaked up on me. BTW, he was also taking Adderall along with the Strattera. I suggest you review each of his current medications and see if you might find a correlation between deteriorating / more aggressive behavior and one of his medications. We have also changed back to Concerta because of a unusual physical side effect and added a medication called Intuniv. If you haven't heard of Intuniv before, originally it was used to control blood pressure but has been found improve impulse control in Adhd kids. The dosage is very small at just 2 - 3 mg and my Grandson has experienced no side effects. I know it is working because I can see the effect on his school conduct grades, there has been a tremendous improvement and we were able to reduce the Concerta dosage from 72mg down to 54mg. You might want to discuss it with your Psychiatrist. I saved bookmarks for two of the schools I found, but they are in Texas so if you're interested, just e-mail me and I'll send them to you.
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im only 17 to answer this..but the islamic boarding school you wrote bout is quite interesting..for your information,im studying in an islamic girls school,and this is my last yr here..im so grateful im here at my school,we're one of the top school here in academic and curriculum..we recite quran every morning before starting our lesson and we perform the zuhr prayer together..im now studying in pure science stream here,at the same time,im studying the islamic subjects as well such as sharia islamiah and quran&sunnah knowledge.im also learning arabic..i think the school you mentioned does not hv so many difference with my school,and i think you should send your daughter there.sorry for my english,good luck! =)
Vince Originally Answered: Islamic boarding school - your opinion please? (Muslim parents & teens)?
1) My first thought when I see a teenager with a baby is "I wonder if it's there's". Then I look at the baby and see how healthy and happy it is. They usually are, btw. 2) I have a 20 month old daughter. If she came to me in 14 years and told me she was pregnant, I'd be incredibly sad. I wouldn't yell at her because that would make the situation worse. I'd explain to her how hard it is to have a baby and I'd give her all her options including the possible consequences of those options. We'd have a sit down talk with the parents and the father of the child and discuss what was going to happen. If they choose to keep the child, I would help all I could without actually becoming the parent myself. I would make sure my daughter and the father both finished school. By the time my daughter is 16, we will already have had many conversations about sex and birth control. I am hoping to make her comfortable enough with the subject to come to me for advice before something like this happens. 3) I think teenage parents can do as good a job as an older couple but they have to work harder at it. Teenagers, especially younger (14-16) are not really emotionally capable of the sacrafice it takes to raise a child. I know there are many exceptions to the rule. I am generalizing here. You know this already, with your little miracle in the NICU, but raising a baby means you can't be selfish. Teenagers also have the disadvantage of not having a stable financial situation and possibly not being able to finish school. They are not (as much as they think they are) experienced in life yet. Again, I understand there are exceptions; I was a mature teenager. Teenagers do have some advantages however. They are closer in age to their children and less likely to forget what their children are going through as they grow up. They are also more likely to be physically active parents (chasing their kids around the playground rather than sitting and watching). Your situation seems entirely different. You sound like a very mature person and you're almost not a teenager anymore anyway. That is excellent that you finished high school. You are one step further into the world and that much more capable of providing your son with everything he needs. You have a great start in life. I really hope your baby remains healthy and is able to come home on time! Good Luck!

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