Science topic ideass? 10 points best answer:)?

Science topic ideass? 10 points best answer:)? Topic: Idea synthesis paper
July 17, 2019 / By Cameron
Question: Im in a crisis. I want to finish this essay by today even though its due next week. My topic is on Which type of plastic wrap prevents evaporation the best in cold and room temperatures?. We have to write 5 pages of background info!!!!. so far all i wrote was 2. I need help thinking about things to write for it Examples of what i did: intro- about evaporation -about 3 plastic wraps all about it - thermoplastic and thermosetting - how temperature efffects evaporation I need more paragraph ideas i feel like i cant get 5 pages out of that question.
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Alyssia Alyssia | 1 day ago
Some ideas i would have may by you already did some but just putting them here just to be sure. 1. New thinks like more ecofriendly polymers (from natural products, easier to recycle,...) 2. Talk about Tg because of the different temperatures it could be possible that some plastics that are used goes under there Tg so they get more stiff. 3. prevention of evaporation in the past 4. Production 5. compare to non-polymers like aluminium wrapping paper 6.Microwaves use 7.life cyclee 8. Industrie use 9. Thickness 10. Gas permeability (can be important for some uses that some gasses can't get past) 11. Production of the follies 12. synthesis I will add more if i think some more :D Hope you liked it and good luck
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Royal Royal
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Morgan Morgan
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