I'm looking for a long lost friend, Bailey A. Wallace?

I'm looking for a long lost friend, Bailey A. Wallace? Topic: California case search free
July 17, 2019 / By Camilla
Question: I've searched around quite a bit and haven't been successful. I know some out there are a bit more internet savvy and could perhaps help me out. I believe she lives in California, possibly Sylmar or Bakersfield. Welost touch about 9 years ago, and I just want to make sure she is alive and okay. Any advice or help would be much appreciated...thank you! :-)
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Alyx Alyx | 2 days ago
Hi Beth... Sounds like you have all you need to track her down on the internet. I prefer to use Dex's Whitepages because of the ease of it.... and it's free. Maybe the reverse address search would be best in your case. Good luck!
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Virgil Virgil
Did you try facebook and myspace? There's also some internet sites that let you type in her name, and usually her address and phone number will show up.
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Royale Royale
I have tried Facebook & Myspace. There are "people search" sites, but you have to pay, and I have no idea how recent the information they have is... Thanks everyone for your responses...:-)
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