Need more answers- trouble turning to the right?

Need more answers- trouble turning to the right? Topic: Comfort case shoes
July 17, 2019 / By Candida
Question: Serious answers, only please. I'm going to call my vet tomorrow and see if I can get some more answers, but I'm worried for the time being. When I got my 6 year old TB mare, she had short feet and difficulty turning to the right. Her right front would pivot and she would short step on it until she straightened out. Other than almost limping when turning sharp to the right, she looks great and is getting better. She was shod a week ago, and I think she had a hot nail in her RF, which is shorter than the LF. This has been going on for about two weeks or more- the first week was without shoes and she was definitely sore on all footing, and the second week in pasture rest and getting less sore every day. She's even trotting and galloping on it. Does it sound like it could just still be sore from bruising, or could it be in the joints? She's breaking my wallet as it is and I'd hate to get x-rays, but will if I have to. She had a prepurchase exam and passed her flexion. Vet confirmed that she's sound in front, but I don't remember what she said about why she turns lame to the right. :/ Thanks guys. I really do trust my vet, since everyone uses her, including the barn manager. She's with UCDavis. I'm pretty sure she said the turning problem was related to her foot, but she said she couldn't be 100% because I decided not to do x-rays. If this doesn't get better in a couple months then I'll have them done. I knew she was sore when I got her, but I really believe in her. :) Especially since she seemed to "work out of it" the more we went.
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Amber Amber | 9 days ago
If she didn't have any shoes on that was probably your problem. She probably had sore feet all around, and I'm sure you could imagine how painful that could be because she couldn't find any comfort. A serious stone bruise can take a while to heal from as well. Definitely check with your vet tho, because it could be something more serious, like Navicular disease, or even a deep digital flexor tendon bruise (hopefully not a tear) Keep in mind that these are serious problems and if shes getting better chances are it was just a really bad case of sore feet. make sure she doesn't have thrush either, this can also lead to some lameness problems. Good Luck, I hope she gets better soon.
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Wally Wally
Seriously, you bought a lame horse. If your vet gave her a flexion test and said she passed, when she was obviously lame, you have lame vet too. It SOUNDS like she's improving. If the problem is that her feet were too short, then it will take more time than this to get over. I would give her more time before calling the vet back. If she had a hot nail, it would not improve unless the nail was removed. If the right front is shorter than the left, that would explain her turning problems. She needs time.
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