Graphic Design and Music Album Design?

Graphic Design and Music Album Design? Topic: Digital first media papers
July 19, 2019 / By Candis
Question: So I decided I really want to go to Post-Graduate school for Graphic Design but what exactly would be the pathway that would allow one to be qualified to make a musician, artist, or singer's album design.
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Ambrosia Ambrosia | 10 days ago
Album design and such is just applying the skills you would learn in Graphic Design. So if you are serious, you want to take all the classes that will be offered. You need to know what good design is, using grids and breaking out from grid use (it's amazing some of the most chaotic looking designs may be based off a grid system), understand color, contrast, and so on, build your skills using your media, whether "real world" or digital. Artists and designers need to have a good mix of skills. You might find, for example, when doing a design job that you want to start with some photographs, but there's a texture you need to create, so you do something like take a piece of paper with coffee stains on it and scan it in, then mess around with it in Photoshop, blend it into the background of those photos you took, maybe add some distorted and distressed text, print that image out and add paint splashes to it, rip it, rescan it, add some more digital images to it, and so on. This just gives you an idea of how many graphic designers and artists create imagery for a project, using more than just one or two programs like Photoshop. You may find that in some of your classes you might even have a project to do something like album design. Sometimes bands just hire a freelancer to do the art, or someone in the band likes to do this besides make music. You don't need a post graduate degree for this if you already have a graphic design degree. But you do want to start networking, find contacts. Maybe offer to do an album design for a local band who'd like something cool for their first CD release…won't pay, perhaps, but if you get credit for the design, and they get there stuff out there, could lead to something more! Good luck.
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Hi. Here are some things you can try to do with knowledge of art history: TV, Film, Video, Theater Art director:or if no experience try participating in university or student productions to get it or as assistant art director before graduating Art Critic/writer or more specialized (painting, sculpture, films, fashion etc get experience writing and critique maybe universitys´paper before graduating Museum curator assistant and or personnel help starting now also schoold museum or some institution related with school. Antiquities and auctions field also need experience: As a student I am sure there are work-study opportunities or internships Interior Designer: Make your own company. Ask for credit to star t bvusiness, get all permissions etc and try developing a customer folder rich enough to survive. Continue and get MA or PhD researching further something unique that you might be paid for research..... Since usual problem after studying is the experience Catch 22 = you need experience but you cant get experience without having experience. Get it. Work for free or start at bottom in some department or business. You should be ready to understand experience as a payment in itself so try getting some for low payment, no payment but with payment better. London is and large media city. And also has good market access. Get a telephone book and find al businesserss related to above mentioned and other you mj8ight think off. Visit business web pages. Write a letter of presentation & CV ready and send it email or mail. Go in person to businessess. Research every place that might 9interview you to see and know what they want and what they need so you can cator ther interview etc. EXPERIENCE, EXPERIENCE, EXPERIENCE. get it above all and now as a student before graduating.
Ambrosia Originally Answered: Anyone in the design world? graphic design, interior design etc?
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Ambrosia Originally Answered: Anyone in the design world? graphic design, interior design etc?
Get a loan, and move to Hollywood and start designing your clothes and get the movie stars to wear the clothes you design. If you're good looking the sky is the limit.

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ok graphic design deals manly with typography and images using pratical based and computer based design work . where as media art deals mainly with the computer bases art form and media design is kinda a mix of both . graphic design is a very big area in art and is well worth the exploration
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