Real Estate agent good or bad idea?

Real Estate agent good or bad idea? Topic: Real business plans
July 17, 2019 / By Candyce
Question: Is it long hours and does it require a lot of work? I am thinking about changing my major to real estate but is it hard to get jobs in and do you have to be really smart like way above average?
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Amelie Amelie | 2 days ago
It does not take a genius to become a real estate agent. The key to having a successful career in the real estate field are simply and easy to follow. #1 Get the necessary education to get your state license. A. An internet class would do just fine you are only trying to get your license. B. If you like to sit through a class then find a real estate school in your local area. C. Some real estate offices offer career real estate license school in their office D. Some states allow you to take the real estate broker test as long as you ave a diploma from a recognized 4 year university or college. Check to see if you reside in one of these states. #2 Obtain the necessary continuing education to maintain and keep your license to sell real estate up to date. #3 Formalize the best marketing plan you can think of to maintain a high degree of referrals and a good customer base. The main thing you want to remember about making real estate your career is that you are working for yourself, so you are the one that have to motivate yourself each and every day. You want to become an expert in real estate not just a person that sell and list houses. There is a big difference. There are several marketing techniques that are in use today. #1 There is telemarketing, but then there is the "Do not call list" So you have to be careful there and not make a mistake or you will be sued. Cost is $11,000 per call for you as well as your employer. #2 Advertise in the local newspaper that you are now in the business of doing real estate. #3 You can direct mail to people in your city telling them you are in the real estate business. I suggest you market yourself by leaving the office and spending time in a area that you want to work and get to know the people that could be your future clients. Find an area in your city that you want to work approximately 5,000-10,000 houses. Make you enough fliers to cover your area. If you have children this will be a good weekend activity for them as well as yourself. While walking the area passing out your fliers, if you see someone out doing the lawn or just out introduce yourself, give them one of your cards. See if they are willing to give you their name and email address so you can email them, on a monthly basis, things about the real estate industry as well as your monthly newsletter. Place any information you collect in a data base that you should start. You earning capacity would have a direct correlation to your marketing plan. A good marketing plan would keep you with clients therefore earning you a sufficient income. There are many positions in the real estate career field. The most prevalent one is that of a real estate salesperson. You would have to convince a real estate broker to hire you as a real estate agent. I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck. "FIGHT ON"
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People that play at being agents in a market like this won't succeed. Survival of the fittest seems to be the rule. If you don't wish to build a business how will you profit from it?
Amelie Originally Answered: Were you a real estate agent and recently left the field?
STOP IT. You keep asking this question. The truth is, you are doing to much and not doing any of it very well. You are failing as a wife/mother (husband would be telling you to quit if you were successfully in Real estate), you have a job and you are in school. PICK ONE and do it full time and do it right. Then the money will come. I can't speak for the others. However, I have been in college and it is hard work. Real estate is a full time job. I live it. So does my family. However, I always put the family first. Stop 2nd guessing yourself.

Walton Walton
very logical questions! a; intense focus, yes. Long hours? Maybe. YOU need to understand tort law and finance; both will be taught to you. b; a lot of work, probably. c; RE has few "jobs"..Developers hire staff, builders who are subs need staff d; you have to be able to think---what is a good solution for this client or customer? e; what might be an ideal house or business site or sq footage..... f; for those buying--where? size of house? what actions RE agents take are safe, or legal and which would not be legal? --what are landlords permitted to do and what are they not? RE licensees are ADVISERS to buyers or sellers --like an attorney but not quite. and if you go this route, and seek to list houses or deal with franchise RE agencies, you must FEED NAR and become a realtor. available to guide you
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Russel Russel
Are you worried about commissions? The seller pays all of them. What you need is a decent Real Estate Lawyer to close the deal.
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Russel Originally Answered: How do I get into a real estate development career?
You are going to need a general contractors license too. Other then that you just need capitol.

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