What can I do if my school doesn't accommodate for my religion?

What can I do if my school doesn't accommodate for my religion? Topic: Spiritual homework
July 19, 2019 / By Caramia
Question: I'm a Spiritual Satanist (in high school) and I need time to meditate, but when I get home and finish my homework, it's like 11 and by then I'm too tired. On Fri., I went to talk to my Superintendent about it, he said he'd get back to me about it, but I'm not so confident he'll do it. I'd like to know (legally) what I can do, if anything, if he says no. Who's got my back??? lol I didn't mean I wanted to skip class or anything, I asked him if he could leave a room open during lunch, since there's nowhere secluded enough to concentrate.
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Amice Amice | 6 days ago
A few years ago I assisted a Neo-Pagan student with a similar situation. After some difficulty and negotiation it was agreed the student would be allowed to utilize free periods and breaks to meditate. Since some privacy was needed, it was agreed that the student could go to the nurses office and sit or lay on a cot during their meditation. Due to the specific Pagan Path involved of this student, menstruation was also an issue. Her beliefs included the traditional seclusion of menstruating women. So, we also worked out an agreement that she would be allowed to stay home for the first day of her menstruation each month, and this would be an excused absence as long as she didn't miss school otherwise. These were accommodations by the school, the school is not required to provide for your religious activities, and prayer or meditation during class would be disruptive for the teachers and other students ; however, private prayer and meditation is totally allowed on school property as long as it does not interfere with teaching/learning and is not forced on other students. Before school, during breaks and free periods, lunch, etc. are all acceptable times for private, personal worship. Just for the record, this was not a progressive school. The school was a small town public school in Va. They had no prior knowledge of Paganism, and it took several meetings and myself as a clergy member to make these arrangements for her. They don't *have* to cooperate and they *can* make everything very hard. But, they can also make it easy, and be open to accommodating students who wish to pray or meditate during free time. There is NO law preventing students from praying or meditating in school, but there is also No law requiring the school to make special accommodation for students to do so. It's really a grey area, and very much dependent on the quality of the administration at your school. When you are speaking to administrators concerning this, stay calm and be as articulate and straightforward as you can. It may help to write down points you wish to make or a statement ahead of time. I wrote an tutorial for teachers at the school I was dealing with to introduce and explain the concepts and beliefs of the Pagan Path this student followed. I also researched accommodations being made for Christian students in Va. and included examples of these for administrators to demonstrate that although they were not required to accommodate our requests; they were also not forbidden from doing so.
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Warwick Warwick
They don't have to grant you special privileges, you still have to put in the same class hours and turn in the same work as everyone else. They can't prevent you from meditating on your own time, though. So, take a study hall and meditate there or use your lunch period. Otherwise, meet the same expectations as every other student.
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Rylan Rylan
Read the Satanic Bible as satanists are not spiritual. You are an inverse christian not a satanist
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Murdie Murdie
School is for education not religion or fantasy! But if you are determined to make yourself unemployable carry on!.
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Kenaz Kenaz
They aren't supposed to let anyone really preform religious acts inside school. You are there to learn not meditate to the Hell bringer himself.
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Kenaz Originally Answered: Atheists and Christians, doesn't the Bible predict that Christianity will become a dominant religion?
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