American Kennel Club (AKC) took my money but didn't issue certificate, SCAMlike?

American Kennel Club (AKC) took my money but didn't issue certificate, SCAMlike? Topic: American application letter
July 17, 2019 / By Careen
Question: I mailed in a request for transfer of ownership of the dog that i purchased from another owner that lived in BC as well. I filled out the original certificate and also mailed in an application for change of dog name. I saw on my online banking that they charged for both applications, although i specifically noted for they not to charge my credit card unless they are issuing the certificates. Today i received a letter from them saying that they can't transfer the dog until i register my dog with the canadian kennel club. Yadda yadda, i felt like they scammed me because they took my money and plus on the back of the original certificate there was nothing about that to do. I simply felt like a run around and scam to me. If i knew they will put me through this amount of ****, i wouldn't bother with the transfer of ownership. I think to them it's all about taking money from people that loves their pets and giving nothing in return. Even if they give you anything it's probably a couple of hundred dollars later, after they make you pay here and there. So my advice is don't do it unless you know for sure you'll get something for your money and time. If i were you, i'll write on the bottom : fully refundable if certificate not issued from this application I talk to my credit card company and they will get my money back for me, i'm not gonna bother with registering my little 6months old, 2.5lbs applehead chihuahua. Pet owners beware!!!! Prior to mailing in the completed applications, i emailed my questions to them and asked what else i need to do and they say the same thing what their website posted like the info below. The previous owner bought the dog from the US and registered the dog with AKC why would AKC ask me to register the dog with CKC first and then submit the CKC certificate in order to get the transfer of ownership with AKC. I think they should be upfront about what was required before i mailed in the application...it's not like i didn't ask them first. That's why i'm so frustrated with them. On the original certificate my dog is only listed as a "limited registration" so i guess it doesn't really matter to register her with my name because i'm not selling her. Besides if i have to register with the CKC first why do i need to bother with AKC afterward? Yes i read the part about registration is not guaranteed and non-refundable, that's why i put a note telling them not to process my credit card unless
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Amie Amie | 7 days ago
ermmm....OK. Well that is how the AKC works- if you weren't sure they would issue the certificate, you should have called them first. You will get the papers, once you follow the proper procedure for registering the dogs. They've been sitting on a registration of mine waiting for an import pedigree that I never seem to have the time to get done. My own fault. They will issue the certificate when the paperwork is correct. I'm fairly certain at the bottom of the paperwork you signed it says something like 'payment is not a guarantee of registration" or something to that effect.
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AKC would not known the Crap Kennel club, AKA, Continental Kennel club. Their registration certificates are not quite quite worth the paper they are revealed on. deliver interior the required cost to CKC and that they are going to sign up an elephant.
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Ryley Ryley
I'll bet you did not even contact them to clear things up. When ever I or someone I know has had some kind of paperwork problem with AKC, they were very helpful.
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