Which phone is better? LG Incite from AT&T or the BlackBerry Storm from Verizon?

Which phone is better? LG Incite from AT&T or the BlackBerry Storm from Verizon? Topic: Digital media research companies
July 19, 2019 / By Carin
Question: Which one is better, and why? LG INCITE - AT&T BlackBerry® Storm™ 9530 smartphone - Verizon WHY? And don't say that Verizon is better because of the reception, I'm asking about the PHONES, not the company. Thank you.
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Anabella Anabella | 1 day ago
iPhone has great potential and the best thing about iPhone that it never gets old it keeps on evolving itself. I got my iPhone in june 2007 and I have noticed now my battery lasts much longer than it used to back in 2007. I was so satisfied with iPhone that I got iPhone 3G too. Just look at the company profile and their credibility. LG and Samsung cant make an operating system , they failed miserably in laptop market . When tried their hands in digital market industry they were beaten black and blue. They even tried MP3 player and result is same they failed. When are not capable of making anything separately how can they make something that integrates everything. On the other hand Apple is well known for its awesome Operating system. Apple makes the best and most popular portable media player, iPod. Apple has the best media software those are used by most of big Hollywood film makers. Apple's iPhone is result of extensive research, hard work, great operating system and expertise of Apple. It has become the highest selling phone and most favorite phone among business users. Blackberry Storm is capable of displaying only 56,000 colors falling behind iPhone which is capable of 200,000 colors. Storm doesnt have Wi-Fi so it cant have remote access and VoIP capabilities. App store has only rotten and stale apps that are worthless. Storm has clickable screen that eats up the RAM and slow down the processor speed and result is, it freezes up all the time. Storm has a noticeable lag in its operating system. Storm has been declared flop. So iPhone is the winner and its the best phone ever made.
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Anabella Originally Answered: Which phone is better, the LG dare or blackberry storm?
Definitely the Blackberry Storm. First of all, the BB is a smartphone (PDA). Second, the BB has a bigger screen, not that much, but still bigger. Third, the BB has better better display, hi-resolution. And I'm not sure if this is true, but it most likely has a longer lasting battery. The only downside is that the BB will cost more, unless you can get a good rebate, but overall, a think the BB is better. I have the new BB Tour and I love it. I've had a BB for the past 4 years. My first one was a Curve and the Tour is my second. If you like to text a lot, you should get a phone with a physical QWERTY keyboard. My brother has the iPhone and I text so slow on that, but that's just my opinion. To protect your phone from scratches, make sure you get a case. You should get a hard-shell case, since you said you're clumsy, or you can get a silicone case. I have a silicone case. I like the jelly filling. Also, I highly recommend a screen protector. It will protect your screen from getting scratched. You can compare the phones features and specs. http://na.blackberry.com/eng/devices/blackberrystorm/?iid=Storm_Homepage http://www.lgmobilephones.com/phone.aspx?id=8712 I didn't notice that you're only 15 (lol). The BB has a lot of features that you might not need. The LG Dare is more appropriate for your age. I got my first BB when I has 18, so maybe you can wait a little. I know they aren't "business" phones anymore and everyone has one, but I think the LG Dare will suit you better, but it's really up to you. Maybe you can consider the iPhone, it's a lot cheaper now. I also have friends that said they've had problems with the LG Dare. Another thing to consider, the Storm is the first BB with a touch screen, so of course there are issues with it. There is a new one coming out soon, in a couple of months. The decision is up to you.

Wayne Wayne
People talk about features of a Storm but whats the use of features nothing works properly. Any simple flip phone is better than Storm. It keeps on freezing and all its features are subpar. MMS is dead technology who cares for it when you can do live photo streaming on iPhone and you can email your photo to many people at one time with one click. Storm has been rejected by people and 40% of the people, who had bought it, are now returning. Few says Storm has better camera coz it has higher MP but quality of camera doesnt depend on only megapixel. My digital SLR has only 7MP and many point and shoot cameras have 9 MP do you think those point and shoot camera can ever compete with SLR? iPhone's camera even with 2 MP beats storm's a** big time. Nothing comes even close to iPhone 3G
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Salah Salah
iPhone is the best. Whatever it does does with great perfection. What makes you great is not, what you do but what really important is how you do. I am a victim of Storm. It freezes all the time.
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Murgatroyd Murgatroyd
I Work With phones and I Would Deffinetly Go With the New Blackberry Storm Because Of Its Great Features And programs On The Cell phone Itself,For Instance The Sattellite Navigation System That it Has Built it,The Camera,Many Types Of Messnegrs To Contact Family or Friends,Nice Deisgn,Cool Touch screen Feature,Great For E-mailing And Buissness Especially,Here More info over the cell phone: Wireless email Organizer Browser Phone Camera (3.2 MP) Video Recording BlackBerry® Maps Media Player Built-in GPS Corporate data access SMS MMS Size and Weight 4.43"/112.5mm (Length) 2.45"/62.2mm (Width) 0.55"/13.95mm (Depth) 5.5 oz/155g (Weight) Data Input/Navigation SurePress™ touch screen On screen keyboard: portrait SureType® and Multi-tap, QWERTY landscape Voice Input/Output 3.5mm stereo headset capable Integrated earpiece/ microphone Built-in speakerphone Bluetooth® v2.0; mono/stereo headset, handsfree, phone book access profile, and serial port profile supported M3 (Rating for hearing aids (PDF)) Media Player Video format support: MPEG4 H.263, MPEG4 Part 2 Simple Profile, H.264, WMV Audio format support: MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA, WMA ProPlus Display High resolution 480 x 360 pixel color display Transmissive TFT LCD Font size (user selectable) Light sensing screen Notification Polyphonic/MIDI ringtones MP3 ringtones Vibrate mode LED indicator Approximate Battery Life Up to 15 days (Standby time) GSM: 5.5 hours, CDMA: 6 hours Memory Expandable memory – support for microSD™ card 1GB onboard memory 128 MB Flash (flash memory) Modem RIM® wireless modem Tethered modem capability Email Integrations Works with BlackBerry® Enterprise Server for Microsoft® Exchange Works with BlackBerry® Enterprise Server for IBM® Lotus® Domino® Works with BlackBerry® Enterprise Server for Novell® GroupWise® Integrates with an existing enterprise email account Integrates with existing personal email account Integrates with optional new device account Device Security Password protection and screen lock Sleep mode Support for AES or Triple DES encryption when integrated with BlackBerry® Enterprise Server FIPS 140-2 Compliant (FIPS Validation in Progress) Optional support for S/MIME Wireless Network UMTS/HSPA: 2100 MHz North America: 850 MHz GSM®/GPRS networks North America: 1900MHz GSM/GPRS networks Europe/Asia Pacific: 1800MHz GSM/GPRS networks Europe/Asia Pacific: 900MHz GSM/GPRS networks Dual-Band: 800/1900 MHz CDMA/Ev-DO networks The new BlackBerry Storm is probably RIM’s most important phone release since the first Pearl became available back in 2006. Why? Because like the Pearl, which introduced the business orientated BlackBerry brand to the consumer world, the Storm represents another first for RIM, the introduction of a touchscreen handset with a brand new interface ready to take on the current smartphone darling, Apple’s iPhone 3G. Originally known as the BlackBerry Thunder prior to the official announcement, we received word of its imminent release on October 8th when the Storm 9500 was confirmed for Europe – incidentally, the Storm 9530 is the version to be sold in the USA – and word is the BlackBerry will be on sale from October 22nd. Research in Motion realise how important the touchscreen interface is and have added their own unique style to the system as well as addressing the various feature omissions which frustrate both existing and potential iPhone users. The Storm has its fair share of impressive features and will appeal to a broad range of mobile phone fans, as it’s set to be as competent on the multimedia side as it’s sure to be on the business side. If you’ve held off purchasing another smartphone because you where intrigued to see what RIM were cooking up, then it looks like you’re about to be rewarded, as the Storm looks mightily impressive. It’s not the first time RIM have made a BlackBerry which will appeal to everyone, but it’s perhaps the first time they have packaged one inside such a stylish handset! Style is everything in consumer world and phones don’t come much better looking than when they are almost devoid of ugly buttons. It’s not just a pretty face either, as the Storm does everything the casual user demands. The BlackBerry Storm is happy playing the majority of common video files, including MPEG4 and WMV formats, plus you have the option to stream clips from sites such as YouTube.com directly to your phone It’s not just video which can be streamed to your Storm either, as the phone accepts streaming audio too. Like several other recent BlackBerry’s, the music player will play MP3, WMA and AAC encoded files and can be synced with your PC via iTunes as well as the included BlackBerry Music Sync software. A 3.5mm jackplug socket has also been added so you can plug in your own headphones. The first of the features the Storm boasts which i
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Murgatroyd Originally Answered: What phone is better, the Blackberry Storm or the Samsung Omnia??
I have the samsung omnia. I love it. it can play MP4 video, Xvid and Divx, H.263, WMV and some otehr types. It also has microsoft word, powerpoint and excel. It has wifi, a really good MP3 player, the touchscreen is pretty good. The touchscreen also switches from side to side when you move it. and you can upload videogames (I have suikoden 2 on mine!) and it has 8 gigs already installed for memory. Its pretty good and It does the job very well. and the camera is not as good as I thought, but the pics look better on a pc than on the phone, just saying. and of course, it has some cool as extras like a smart reader, tv out viewer, video editor, both internet explorer and opera browser and windows media player, plus another player, so it is very, very well equipt, definetely wont dissapoint. of course, you should head into the store and see if you can find it. I bought mine online cuz you cant buy them in the store yet. and also it does not have any real accessorys ready for it because it hasnt come out, so dont expect to buy the screen cover or a custom pouch until monday the 8th. hope I helped.

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