Jury Duty and Cancer?

Jury Duty and Cancer? Topic: Writing letter on behalf
July 19, 2019 / By Carina
Question: Hey, My dad has a metastatic cancer and I was summoned for Jury duty. However, my dad is in ICU for the next couple months because of his cancer and I need to be available to be with him during his possible last year of life. Is this grounds for being dismissed from Jury duty? do i just write a letter of my situation? im 27 and my dad is 57
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Anabelle Anabelle | 2 days ago
it cant hurt to try by writing a letter or having your Dads MD write one on you behalf Good Luck to you and your Dad
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Anabelle Originally Answered: How to get out of jury duty?
Hope that the case has an element in it that you can object to, such as, the lawyers may ask you if you are part of any victims' rights organizations, do you know anyone involved in the case, etc. If you are, the attorneys will make sure you don't get picked b/c of bias, and the questions they ask will be related to the case. When i was called for jury duty, those were some of the questions they asked the other potential jurors. You may not even be called to actually serve, but if they do call you to be "interviewed" by the lawyers, answer honestly and hope they don't pick you. Oh and when i was called, there were about 75 people for the lawyers to choose from to interview. They got the 12 both sides could agree on, and i got to go home.
Anabelle Originally Answered: How to get out of jury duty?
yep, it's a piece of p*ss. You turn up, write on a piece of paper "GUILTY" and then hand it in saying "you can have my vote now". They'll then say to you, you can't do that madam/sir and you then say "yep i can, they're here so in my opinion they're gulity, no smoke without fire and all that and my verdict will be the same regardless" They'll release you from jury service on the grounds that you are "bias minded" Sorted!
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The best way is to come very unformal, shout, and be rude so they will take you off the list. I did it, never went to jury duty again
Anabelle Originally Answered: How to get out of jury duty?
Yes,stupid people think that excuse will get them out of it. The judge has heard this excuse a million times. He/she knows it is just a lame excuse to get out of it. Why anyone would willingly brand themselves a racist is beyond me.

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Call your local county court house and ask for a deferment until after finals. Then, go to jury duty with enthusiasm. It is a right unique to our system of government. First you must (contrary to what the judge tells you) judge the law. If it is a victimless violation (possession, traffic violation, jay walking, etc.) vote for acquittal. If that is not the case, then judge the facts. If these boil down to 'circumstantial evidence' vote for acquittal. In the meantime, google jury nullification for better understanding.
Anabelle Originally Answered: Getting out of jury duty.?
It is possible to get a postponement. There may be a number or a place you can mail a request too. I wouldn't just show up with that request chances are you'd still have to sit and wait to be called to a possible jury. They call up the number they think they will need to have a choice for whatever trials are set for that day. Your best bet is to ask ahead of time. Good luck.
Anabelle Originally Answered: Getting out of jury duty.?
I just postponed my jury duty date until September. On the letter, there should be instructions on how to postpone or even skip jury duty all together. I live in Florida, so it may be different in other states/countries.

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