I don't know where to begin with this stupid journal?

I don't know where to begin with this stupid journal? Topic: great writing 4 great essays
July 18, 2019 / By Caris
Question: Hi! in my government class (contemporary government in america), we are suppose to write in a journal everyday an article or a breif summary about one of the government branches that are disscused in the every day news. So if they talk about something about the president it would be the executive branch. I sort of understand but when I read any news articel or watch TV to get some kind of resource I have no idea how to interpert it in my own words. I tried looking for an easy article but have found none. Is there anyone who knows where maybe I can start. I checked the usual news web sites but they are all so complicated. I know I'm not going to do well in this class but I'm still going to try. And to top it off my teacher already has it out for me. I've been commented on by other students that the teacher is "gunning" for me. And this isn't high school. This is college. Thank you and god bless! WOW Kassy!! Thanks so much thats a great start to finish. Because of you I'll be able to sleep now.
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Andee Andee | 4 days ago
Well, I may not be in College, and I might not even be in High School, but I have written tons of essays and unpublished books, so I can help. Here are the steps to an A+ : 1. Go to Google/Yahoo! News and search Government. This might pop up some great stories to work on. 2. Research. Head to the Search part of Google/Yahoo! and look up that story. It will provide you with the story on tons of sites, so then you can get everyone's point of view. 3. Write. Keep those pages up and type your breif summary of the story on Word, while looking on the site article every time you get writers block. 4. Copy. When you're done with your summary, copy it into your journal. Done! Hope I helped!
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Andee Originally Answered: What does She mean. journal?
teachers love creativity. i think by journal she wants you to simply react to the assigned reading. write about how you feel about what you read, how it can relate to your life. by reflecting like this it makes it possible for you to lock something in your mind and make something of it. coming from an artist who went through school, teachers love when a student reacts to the text and if the assignment does involve any suggestion of creative art, put some in there. i don' t know that i would necessarily make that the main focus, but go for it. you will probably get a little bump for it, especially if it can be connected to the reading. maybe draw something and note how it is a reflection of the reading, she will eat that up because it shows you are taking a chance, that you read the material and that you are putting yourself in the assignment. really with journal assignments, it is hard to go wrong. -Tahar Benourad
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If you read the book (the journal)from Anne Frank She's 14 year old jew girl that the nazzi killed there whole family.very interisting.

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I've been keeping a journal since I was 14, and I'm 20 now and have filled up 5 of them. it's been very rewarding, i like looking back at all my old entries. I usually write abou how i feel about certain people or situations, and if something funny or interesting happens to me one day, I write it down too. Just try writing about all different kinds of suff, and you'll eventually discover what kinds of things you like writing about. Have fun!
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Well, typically, a journal is supposed to be about your experiences, like a day to day or a travel journal; however, I once had to fill an entire journal for a college class, so I started superimposing delusions of a zombie apocalypse, time travel, and super powers over my daily life.

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