ELS from Air Force. Want to re enlist to Army in the future. Is it possible?

ELS from Air Force. Want to re enlist to Army in the future. Is it possible? Topic: Flip case s view
July 18, 2019 / By Carissa
Question: So I enlisted in the Air Force. Sacrificed a lot to join. Lost 50 lbs. Got to BMT and had a rocky start at the beginning. I had a pretty strict instructor and despite never gettin derogatory comments or 341 s pulled, my first two times I messed up she gave me the maximum punishment (Unsatisfactory performance for the week of training) and I ended up getting recycled. The 1st Srgt didn t agree with the punishments but she went over his head and straight to the Cheif. Any way after that I only had one other slip up and went the rest of BMT without a problem. (Had I not been recycled I would have been an honor graduate), then I went through airmans week (capstone) and graduated, the Saturday before I shipped, me and a group of people went to the base Bowling alley, where I won the first game with a strike and said "F" yeah and flipped the bird. Someone reported me and despite what I and 2 others said about it not being meant to be deragatory the Commander recommended ELS. I fought it the best I could but ultimately she wouldn t reconsider. Now I m 1 year out and been going to school I want to try and join the Army... Talking to some Soliders about it they said that the discharge is a joke and the Army would probably be willing to take me because of my High ASVAB Score (90). Would it be possible and if not what do you think my chances of being a Police Officer would be as well? Thank you
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Originally Answered: Should i enlist in the U.S. Army?
YOU CANNOT JOIN WITH A GED ONLY. THE MILITARY IS BEING VERY PICKY BECAUSE THEY ARE GET MORE RECRUITS THAN THEY NEED BECAUSE OF THE ECONOMY! College credits are based on hours. 15 credits is the same as 15 hours. That means that you have an average of 15 hours a week during a term. What this means is that you will need: 3 credit hours per week - college level math 3 credit hours per week - college level English 3 credit hours per week - college level science 3 credit hours per week - college level history 3 credit hours per week - college level elective When you enlist for active duty, you have to go where you are assigned. If you are needed in CA you are going to CA. You can put a wish list but most of the Navy bases are located along the Coast Line. What I am trying to say is that you need to sit down with her and ask her if she minds moving around because that is what you will be doing. That is not bad though. Once she gets used to it, she will probably not mind it. You will get housing for you and your family. When you are required to move, the military pays for you to move - up to a limit. If you are able to go to Europe, she will be able to see things that she would probably not be able to see. It will provide you and your family with opportunities that you do not currently have. You seem to be young and she is probably young as well. Your other option is to go to the community college and get job training that will enable you to support yourself and your family. Best of luck. Forgot to answer your question about her not having to work. While your housing will be paid, you will have other expenses. Your starting salary will only be around 18,000 dollars a year. That is not a whole lot of money but if you are really thrifty you can probably make things work. If you are able to live on post, you will not have to pay for rent or utilities other than phone and cable. If you live off post, you will get basic allowance for housing. You need to be careful with this because you only get a set amount of money which is based on your rank and the geographic location of where you are stationed. What you need to do is to research where you will be and how much rent is in that area. You should only use about 70% of your bah on rent so that you can pay your utilities or only 100% if your rent covers utilities (gas, water, electric). Many posts have childcare services and the rates are based on your income so she could go back to work and use the post child care. This is not a bad thing because it would get her out of the house and it will give her work experience.
Originally Answered: Should i enlist in the U.S. Army?
IF your in the Navy you will never be home. If your in the Army you will NEVER be home. currently in a Joint service unit. Marines, Navy Army, AF. You want a family and a Uniform join the Airforce. Theyre recruiters are douche bags because they don't have to recruit. people come to them. Your family will be cared for medically, you will have a roof over your head. but you could still end up not making enough and needing WIC and food stamps. Remember the military is a Federal job where you can get shot at. Keep things in perspective. And for god sake don't talk to a recruiter. Talk to a Serviceman who's been in or relatives. Dont ask a salesman the lowest price he's ever been haggled down too! Don't work. Recruiters are like Medical Examiners they need bodies! They can tell you the basic entrance requirements after that you need to focus on your direction and have a gameplan ahead of any signing. I was a Re-enlistment NCO and Joint Operations team leader. Washington has a Navy Sub base and Fort LEWIS. Which is top of the list for combat deployments since they are high tech, high speed, Stryker I-brigade, Infantry

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