How would the Deep South be for an Englishman?

How would the Deep South be for an Englishman? Topic: Criminal case shop
July 17, 2019 / By Carita
Question: I'm sick and tired of living in England today. Thanks to Liberals, who have ruined this once great country, and turned it into a third world cesspit. I live in a part of England which votes conservative and is a reasonably wealthy and prosperous area, however the local large towns are almost 50% black/pakistani put together and the muslim pakistanis have so many children, whereas white people have much less, on average. All this political correctness and appeasing minorities has made this country a total joke today, a country with a once proud and almost feared reputation, the world's greatest ever empire, and what happened? We fought Hitler and the "terrible" nazis for our freedom, only to be swamped by millions of people with a totally incompatible and separate culture to ours and to be governed by unelected marxist bureaucrats in Brussels. As for the children, they all think it's cool to listen to rap music, speak like an inner city black youth and pretend to be a "gangsta." There's no respect for one another and no discipline in the classrooms of our schools. And community spirit and family values have totally crumbled here thanks to liberalism, which was the main cause of the August "riots," our PC soft-touch government and our ridiculous justice system which in many cases puts the rights of criminals before the rights of victims. I'm just sick of it all, England used to be a beautiful country which was at least 95% English (when I say English, I mean, White European, or Anglo-Saxon or Celtic origin, for example) the 2001 census said white "British" people (British meaning English, Scottish and Welsh) make up only 87% of the population, and that was 10 years ago, it'll be under 80% now surely, since the floodgates opened to millions of Poles, Lithuanians and other Eastern Europeans, plus all the other Somalis, Afghans and other third world delights who have come here to "enrich" us and make our communities "vibrant and diverse" which in reality means give us more people with different colours/cultures and a few different takeaway shops to eat at, when the reality is, this has just increased segregation, "racism," gun-crime, gang rape, threat of terrorism, housing shortage, strain on education/healthcare (public services) and eroded our culture etc etc.... When will it all end? When we have someone who actually gives a crap about the existence of ethnically British people, the English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish of these Isles, someone who wants to preserve our culture, heritage and traditions, but Cameron doesn't give 2 craps obviously, conservative my a** !! Anyway, I have a deep love and respect for Southern folk in America, especially after what that war-monger Abraham Lincoln did back in the 1860's. I love country, bluegrass and I admire the conservative attitudes and faith the bible belt maintains today, if only people had more faith in England, and the atheists shut up, we may not be in as much of a mess. Any southerners reading this though, please respond, as I would love to follow my dream and move there one day, i'm sick of living in this politically-correct multicultural cesspit. I would've thought there won't be any new found hostility seeing as I am a conservative (or nationalist) and most southerners have English, Scottish, Ulster-Scots, or Irish ancestry, which I have too, as my Great Great Grandfather was Scottish for a start and I have a very small fraction of irish blood too. Please enlighten me folks! Ian - sorry, you've totally lost me, permission to live somewhere?? What on earth you talking about!?
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Andra Andra | 6 days ago
You ranted for a bit there but the gist of it seems to be that you're completely disgusted by the fact that there are non-whites in England and that they're not being deported based on race. Oh, and let's not forget that you dislike the fact that slavery ended (after all, you seem to hate Lincoln) and believe racism doesn't exist (why else would you use quotation marks). Sure, move on down south but just be careful not to move into the black or racially integrated communities. After all, that IS what you're running away from.
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1 - There are more racists here in the south than up north - maybe. But most people are not racist. I live in a small town and I can promise you that most people are not racist. It pains me how many racist there are but they are not even close to the majority. 2 - The education may be somewhat inferiour here but not as bad as the media claims. If they are behind a grade or two, that is still better than the way the media claims. 3 - Fortunately, I see very few confederate flags and I have never met a single peron who wishes we still had slavery!!! I can't remember the last time I saw a confederate flag! It really sticks out when I see one because they are so infrequent! Again, I live in a small Texas town! And the manager at our local Wal Mart is black and everyone I have met says he is the best manager they have ever had at that store! They judge him by his character, not his skin color! And those who oppose Obama almost never mention his skin color. They say basically the same kinds of things they said about Clinton. And the South is known to be a very friendly place. We wave at people and strike up conversations with strangers. It is much friendlier here than up north or in California. And if you don't like the cold, the south is the place for you. I am white but my first husband was from Korea and the family accepted him. And several of my family members are hispanic. One is my cousin whose best friend is black. I couldn't care less about race! I am sick and tire of how people make it an issue when it isn't one!
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John Edwards spouse appeared to respond to this question some time past. She reported John isn't getting interest because of the fact he's not black neither is he female. John Edwards platform became never heard because of the fact he became a white male. Futhermore Clinton had this inheritor to the presidency element like it became her good because of the fact of bill and the Clinton type. If Obama have been white he does not be the newness that the media feeds on and human beings could have not have been given any reason to coalesce around him because of the fact his platform and Hilary's are surprisingly much the comparable. the two Hillary and Barack have benefited from there race and gender to assert in any different case is incorrect. it relatively is genuinely historic you may desire to the two qualified persons poised to make background. In context of a white guy this does not be historic. I disagree with the assertion that the media is putting Obama in his place regardless of each and every thing he has been a media darling. He like each and every canidates could have his crosses to show is it unfair consistent with risk whether it quite is politics it relatively isn't any differrent than what exceeded off to the Clintons interior the 90s with the exception of the reality that republicans have been doing it to the Clintons not fellow democrats. The media makes a speciality of what it want to concentration on and sensationalize. they did not heavily concentration on GW Bush undesirable administration of his businesses and that he bankrupt them to nor did they concentration on the reality that he spent twenty years on a drunken binge and snorted coke. This has not something to do with the reality that he became white this has each and every thing to do with the reality that the entertainment fee of those thoughts. BTW: Barack Obama does not affiliate with Anti-American rhetoric is finished BS. He serves on a board with somebody who as quickly as did something interior the 60s while he became like 10 years previous. those are the styles of human beings Hillary became protecting. Please rememeber that Hillary early in her profession defended many political dissidents and it quite is not Anti-American to critize or disagree with this international places administration.

Wesley Wesley
Good luck If you're British, you might find it difficult to get permission to go and live in the deep south but.....
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people keep bringing a lot of facts about this, poverty , race white peoples superior cultural and organisational skills. i asked my south african friend and he gave a short reply, blacks prefer soccer. except for in the west indies where cricket is a national sport and obsession.
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