J1 transfer from non-profit institute to a for-profit company?

J1 transfer from non-profit institute to a for-profit company? Topic: H1b case status
July 19, 2019 / By Carla
Question: I am currently working for a non-profit research institute on J1. I have found a new job in a pharma company . company is ready to hire me with J1 for now ( since no H1B left) and apply for H1B in april. But they want me to find out if my current institution agrees to transfer the J1. I am going to talk to my current employer tomorrow. I know this is a rare case. Has anyone been in the same situation? how easy is to transfer J1 non-profit and to for-profit? Thanks dude. Actually, They filed for H1B last month but the petition reached on the last day and it was not selected in the lottery. Thats why the company wants to hire me on J1 for now and switch to H1 in april ( oct officially). I dont know how the category this is gonna work but the lawyer said he can handle the transfer if my current employer agrees.
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Andrea Andrea | 7 days ago
If you are trying to change J-1 programs, that's possible. If you're trying to work as if you were an H-1B without being in the H-1B classification, that is prohibited. If does not sound like you would be transferring from one J-1 program to another J-1 program. The transfer of a participant from one program (sponsor) to another may be allowed at the discretion of the responsible officers and must be within the same category. The responsible officer of the program to which the participant seeks to transfer is required to verify the participant's visa status and eligibility, to issue a new Form DS-2019 reflecting the transfer, and to obtain the release of the participant from the current responsible officer, who indicates approval of the transfer by completing and signing block 8 of the new Form DS-2019. Transfers are not permitted in all categories, and a transfer does not extend the maximum duration of the program. Participants should address all inquiries regarding change of category to the responsible officer of their programs. If there are no more H-1B numbers available, that means you cannot change to the H-1B classification. The USCIS announced on December 22nd that the H-1B cap had been reached on December 21st. New cap-subject H-1B petitions should be received by the USCIS starting on April 1, 2010 for employment commencing on October 1, 2010. Your prospective employer needs to submit a timely filed application for you to change of status to H-1B. If they do, you could start employment as an H-1B on Oct 1, 2010.
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