Where are the protests?

Where are the protests? Topic: How to write a protest letter to government
July 19, 2019 / By Carley
Question: We hear about the "poor" troops fighting in Iraq (my brother is one of them) for an unjust war, and how we should not stand for another tragic end to a life (now over 3,500). We protest, we write letters, and we feel sorry for the ALL VOLUNTEER military serving over there. Yet we get a good chucle over the Paris Hilton spectacle, making jokes and totally losing sight of the fact that she committed a crime (drunk driving) that killed over 17,000 people in 2006 alone! Where's the outrage?? If we spent HALF of the time and energy protesting drunk driving that we do the war in Iraq, maybe we'd make a difference. So why are we willing to accept 17,000 deaths of people who were just at the wrong place at the wrong time, but we can't accept putting people in harms way who in most if not all cases signed up to be there? Can anyone explain that to me??
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Andri Andri | 9 days ago
Christy C for Congress! Why? Because the media doesnt sell as many papers that way. The media doesnt care about the general good of the public, it cares about the ka-ching. What is a more interesting story "Oh my god government scandals" or "random joes try to prevent drunk driving"? When things are blown so far out of proportion, people get confused in mass. You're lucky you havent been assimilated. Kudos for having a brain.
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Andri Originally Answered: Why can't the other Americans find a job and stop with the Wall St. protests?
In New Jersey where I live, one job might find 200 applicants, so the odds of getting a job are slim to none. I have a friend who is a special ed teacher, and she told me that the principal of a nearby elementary school told her that if he advertises a job opening he gets 750 applicants, and if he doesn't he has 100 applications. Your chances of getting one of those jobs, 1 out of 750, are not very good at all. So "go get a job" is not as simple as you seem to think. The protests are symptomatic of the extreme frustration and anger people are starting to feel.

Whitaker Whitaker
Lighten up, as many people that drive drunk and as many people that die big gap. Driving drunk doesnt mean you will kill someone, while i believe it is very wrong to drink and drive they dont drink and drive to try and kill someone. How can you protest such a thing? you cant. If you want people to stop then get people educated to what COULD happen by drinking and driving. I know personally of a case where a man drove drunk and killed someone, now many lives have been damaged. Self awareness, you cant protest you have to teach. Do so by actions, organize a group to talk about such a thing and then promote it. I dont believe in poor troops, they are soldiers they fight and they die. It is the life of a soldier,all wars have casualties. If people want to protest then do so for better gear and more troops to protect eachother.
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Samuel Samuel
I agree that drunk driving is one of the worst crimes in our country and should be punished to the limit of the law.There are many groups that do protest drunk driving,just do a search online and you can contact these groups.Maybe you would want to join a group that fights this problem.
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Nahum Nahum
You sound intelligent enough to figure it out. But, I will say this. My son is one of those "poor" troops. Call it a volunteer army if you want. There are cities all across America that one youth will get the scholarship everyone wants. The rest will work at McDonald's, like my son did, to get started in life with some kind of work history, or they are lucky enough to have a family member that can get them work at a factory they work at. My son did volunteer, by volunteering, he wasn't jumping in to rally behind Bush. Some people just like to eat, and get breaks on education expenses, and can survive (even if for a limited time) on armed forces pay for the job they do. Some of these people die, they didn't want or support an illegal war. And, you are just counting American military deaths, not coalition members, Iraqi civilians, etc. (which would be in the 100 thousands-coalition and Iraqi lives count too) Personally, I say, F*** Paris Hilton, I could care less about that ONE tainted, snobby, brat. Don't send her to jail, send her to war, along-side, Bush's family. Put her blown up, charred corpse on tv, won't that be pretty.
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Kentigern Kentigern
Why don't you "wine" to George Bush, "President of the United States" with your concerns. After all, he was convicted in 1976 of driving drunk!! Now that he is a born again Christan, after hitting the whiskey for so many years, he might have a new input on the subject. . .
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Horatio Horatio
because people cant think, thank you for your brothers service btw. Well i can tell you most of the protestor are brain dead liberal sheep, they dont care about anything except some terrorist iraqi. They dont care about the countless lives that are lost to drunk driving accidents.
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Elyakum Elyakum
have you not seen, even while taken to butchers house, sheeps are obeying masters voice. we are no different!
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Elyakum Originally Answered: Peace rallies, protests, gestures, gatherings, events etc?
They definitely made an impact in the late '60's. Now..........the younger generation is probably too lazy to do it right.

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