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July 17, 2019 / By Carlisa
Question: Tons of questions and answers about Republicans and Democrats, things seem quite divided. If I may, just because someone does not like a Democrat why do they automatically polarize to Republican or some close variant? Or if someone does not like a Republican, why polarize in that other direction to be a Democrat? I think a lot of Neo Cons, think that they are getting some kind of decent "good ole boy" days or "founding father" thing when in reality the Republican party is the farthest thing from. Aside for Ronald Regan's likable personality, what has that party offered other than outsourced jobs, scandals, support of big money that you don't have! And won't. So why support it? Do you think that one of them is going to throw you a crumb maybe some day? Now before you get all in a twist about that, I wonder the same about the Democrats. They also seem to have a worn out dated view of things too. They think the Democrats are for the "little guy" still. When they are about the creation of a welfare state. If you like welfare, then I see why you would be interested in the party. However, even then not thinking too much about future generations as resources dry up later. And if you are not one of these two, you are a Teabagger or whatever that is- Sounds like a variant of a Republican. But all and all said and done has any one of you ever considered the Electoral College? If so, why are you still caring about politics? And I don't mean joining the Electoral College, because you could never. I mean why vote even though your vote will not count anyhow? Don't get mad at me, just sayin.
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Originally Answered: Am I democrat or republican?
take out a coin from your pocket, it can be any coin. If you notice one side has a heads and one side has a tails, they are different sides of the same thing
Originally Answered: Am I democrat or republican?
Well, Sharon, That your parents know nothing of the political system we live under is a shame, but just what the democrats want. That way you'll vote based on what the propaganda machine (news media) says, and that is overwhelmingly pro-democratic. Today, the party's differ much less than ever before. They are also much more combative, which is due to the extreme power that comes with control of the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives. When in control of all three, as was Obama in his first two years, they can pass legislation which would never see the light of day otherwise, such as Obamacare. They are also almost immune to prosecution as is Eric Holder. I feel very sorry for the young people of today. They may never see a true statesman, but only mud slinging lawyers (NEVER vote for a lawyer, except for a judicial branch position). I voted for Ron Paul when he first ran for president. I have voted Libertarian ever since. People say I wasted my votes, however, if you look at the state of our country today, I believe it is you, my friends, who wasted your votes.

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