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Homework help pls? Topic: Burnt homework help
July 19, 2019 / By Carlotta
Question: I have 2 write an article with this title : "Factory destroyed in suspicious blaze" but I don't have any ideas. Can U pls help me ? It doesn't have 2 be very long
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Anetta Anetta | 4 days ago
"Suspicious blaze" would indicate arson. That is, the fire was intentionally set. Who started the fire? * A pyromaniac * A disgruntled employee who was fired * The factory owner (burned it for the insurance money) You could pick one of these and elaborate on why they would do it. For example, the factory owner had gambling debts and needed the money. Use your imagination...
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Wilburn Wilburn
well, before writing anything down. do a brainstorm, what do u think of when u think of "factory destroyed in suspicious blaze" write as many ideas as u can! and then u expand yr ideas. - suspicious man seen around the factory for days -how many people injured -any deaths? - what may be the cause? -who was the man? - who was responsible? -what are the police or CSI going to do about this? get these kinda questions going through yr head
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Sawyer Sawyer
I've never been called a great advice giver, but I'd suggest writing the article about the suspicious blaze that destroyed a factory. Really, what other ideas do you need?
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Nathan Nathan
A factory has destroyed yesterday but police havent found any cause for this. The factory was a fireworks store, po;ice think this was the main thing that caused the fire. Witness have seen a gang of 5 people entre the factory at ____pm and left 10 minutes before the fire came. No one was hurt....
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Kerr Kerr
justt watch the news and see how they present a news article, then just copy all the things they said and make it about a fire in a factory.
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