Am i obsessed with black guys?

Am i obsessed with black guys? Topic: Case singer r&b
July 17, 2019 / By Carlyn
Question: So im mexican and would love to date and marry a black guy one day.All the guys i ever like from school were black and dated two. I love their face features specially their lips and that chocolate skin,but now that i dont have a boyfriend im thinking more about them. Im also sexualy attractive to just black guys NO OTHER race not even my kind. So i dont know if is a problem i have.,i guess the reason im so into them is because i grew up liking black singers and actors such as b2k and akon. Well i also never like mexican music mostly r&b. Now im not sure if any black guy would be interested in me because of our culture differences. A little help:) Oh! Also want to know if some black guys would be interested in dating a mexican lady<3
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Ange Ange | 6 days ago
People chase all kind of false things like, lust, desire, visual appearances and worldly wealth. (Emotions can cloud us, then when we're older we learn we were never really in love) The irony is black and white or not actually colours, this is because the human eye can not perceive pure black or pure white. (Only the heart can) Identifying life and human beings on an objective, subjective level gives rise to misery, and some say formatory thinking (Miasmic minds, some say spiritual sleep); it also indicates the possibility of still being subjugated and deluded from the days of colonial rule. Colour is literally in the eye of the beholder, Colours do not exist, they are mental constructs. Some tribes can't differentiate the difference between shades of blue and green, they even use the same word for the two colours. Humans see 3 colours through the R.G & B spectrum. The Mantis shrimp see's through a 12 colour spectrum. In fact all the senses construct this materially pervading paradigm. Case in point: the Himba tribe of remote northern Namibia, to whom water looks “white” like milk and the sky looks “black” like coal, and who struggle to distinguish between blue and green, yet can easily pick out micro-shades which Americans cannot see. http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread749732/pg1 Human beings have mindful volition and free will, consciousness and conscience.
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Ange Originally Answered: Why am I so obsessed with black women?
Well first Im a black guy, And I say find one that you like and go for her. You will also need to be strong verses ignorance from black and whites with their stupid looks and sometimes comments. But love is in the air. I come from a family with every nationality, blk/wht/latin/asian/indian. my sister has been married to my brother inlaw who is italian for 20yrs. Another example is my aunt (japanese) and uncle who have been married for 54yrs. Good luck and go for what your heart desires not matter what ANYONE says.

Wilf Wilf
Although from different cultures, interracial dating between black men and Hispanic women is very common. There are scores of black/Hispanic couples. I doubt that you'll have a problem finding a black man that would be interested in dating a Mexican woman. Check out one of the dating websites- especially one targeting black customers.
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Schuyler Schuyler
I think Mexican men are one of the sexiest type of guys. And I think it's great your obsessed with black guys, as long as you aren't stalking them or something, you are ok! I'm black n mixed, but yeah Mexicans are cute in general! I think if you would want to, you can marry a black guy!
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Neal Neal
OMG dude me to my friend is black and I'm so obessed with him I love his lips so much I want to kiss him but he's straight he kissed my forehead multiple times but never the lips I want to kiss him so badly OMG and his body is amazing he's very touchy with me me and him are best friends but we never kissed we always just got close but yes black guys are sexy
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Neal Originally Answered: What do you think about white guys dating black girls?
The White guy upstairs, by breeding outside his own race, is pissing away thousands of years of positive genetic evolution. Sure, a scoop of vanilla ice cream will make a turd taste much better, but a single turd will ruin a whole gallon of vanilla ice cream. Racial integration and miscegenation are just another one of the tools of Political Correctness used by the enemies of all mankind in their attempt to bring about social and cultural change, which will enable them to eventually dominate and destroy us all. To them, we're nothing more than cattle. People like you who help promote this campaign of racial genocide are called "shabbos goyim" (useful cattle). Prior to the late 1950's, race-mixing was virtually unheard of. It was (and still is) an unspeakable and unpardonable act which, if committed, would get you disowned by your immediate family and then tarred, feathered, and rode out of town on a rail by the local Upright Citizens Brigade. If you lived in the Old South (Dixie), you would simply be hung from the nearest tree and left to rot. We've really gone downhill since then. Now you can't turn on the TV without seeing miscegenation and multiculturalism blatantly promoted on every channel. This kind of brainwashing is an overt attempt at social engineering designed specifically to promote the destruction of the White race. Employing carefully developed psychological techniques, those who control TV attempt to guide our thoughts and opinions so we can be in tune with the "in" crowd, the "beautiful people," the "smart money." They let us know exactly what our attitudes should be toward various types of people and behavior by placing those people or that behavior in the context of a TV drama or situation comedy and having the other TV characters react in the Politically Correct way. For example, on TV a racially mixed couple will be respected, liked, and socially sought after by other characters, as will a "take charge" Black scholar or businessman, or a sensitive and talented homosexual, or a poor but honest and hardworking illegal alien from Mexico. On the other hand, a White racist—that is, any racially conscious White person who looks askance at miscegenation or at the rapidly darkening racial situation in America—is portrayed, at best, as a despicable bigot who is reviled by the other characters, or, at worst, as a dangerous psychopath who is fascinated by firearms and is a menace to all law-abiding citizens. The White racist "gun nut," in fact, has become a familiar stereotype on TV shows. The average American, in whose daily life TV-watching takes such an unhealthy portion, distinguishes between these fictional situations and reality only with difficulty, if at all. He responds to the televised actions, statements, and attitudes of TV actors much as he does to his own peers in real life. For all too many Americans the real world has been replaced by the false reality of the TV environment, and it is to this false reality that his urge to conform responds. Thus, when a TV scriptwriter expresses approval of some ideas and actions through the TV characters for whom he is writing, and disapproval of others, he exerts a powerful pressure on millions of viewers toward conformity with his own views. So who is behind all this, and why are they doing it? I suggest you educate yourself as to the true nature of the beast by reading "Who Rules America" which can be found here: http://www.natvan.com/who-rules-america/

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