How do you tell if someone has a high IQ?

How do you tell if someone has a high IQ? Topic: Logic in writing thinking and problem solving
July 19, 2019 / By Carnation
Question: Without them taking the test or you knowing the results... How do you tell someone who has a high IQ apart from someone who's normal.. In everyday life? If you don't know their job, etc.. Just hear them speaking or writing.
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Angel Angel | 7 days ago
Well, there is actually really no absolute way. An ignorant person may think that there is a correlation between ones IQ and their knowledge. But there is no such thing. Knowledge and intelligence are two different things. IQ has nothing to do with knowledge, memorized things, or what you know. There is a difference between knowledge and intelligence. Intelligence, you are born with and knowledge can be attained and accumulated. Knowledge is what is learned rather than intelligence which is what you are born with. A person with an IQ in the genius range can actually get bad grades, and fail school. The difference is a person with greater intelligence has the greater potential and understanding. We can see and understand things that others can't. We can figure out a problem simply by looking at it and find out alternate ways to solve a problem and find a solution by using logic. There could be a college professor with a mere IQ of 102 who got there by studding and memorization, while there is a janitor, with an IQ of 160 in the genius range, and you'd never even know it. We often think for our selves and come to our own conclusions rather simply accepting what the crowd tells us and following in the pack of sheeple. We are often introverted, lazy, social outcasts, and suck with people and society in general. Due to our way of thought and lack of understanding people, we often don't fit in. This has been my case, but of course it varies per person and not all of us share these traits. Unless you can somehow get into someone elses mind, there is no way of knowing.
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Wilford Wilford
honestly, IQ only measures logic and not intelligence. The people who usually have a very high IQ are high-functioning people, such as people with autism. They have amazingly high IQs. But you can tell if someone has a high sense of logic, just by their tone and choice of words (if you were to just hear them speak). Eg. if you just met a person, and they are being courteous, intuitive, listening, and not judgmental - they may have a higher IQ rate than a person who is constantly self-centered, interrupting and judgmental. things like that set the smart people and the 80% of idiots in this world apart.
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Scot Scot
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