Who are your heroes?)(need it for homework so pls help!)?

Who are your heroes?)(need it for homework so pls help!)? Topic: Batman homework
July 18, 2019 / By Carolyn
Question: i need at least three names of ur heroes and a brief description on what the do/did , it can be someone you know or someone youve heard of thanx to everybody who helps me
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Best Answers: Who are your heroes?)(need it for homework so pls help!)?

Angelina Angelina | 10 days ago
Batman-though fictional, he is the symbol is justice. And is a shimmer of hope for those of us in despair. He makes me believe that good guys will triumph over evil. My mom- It's hard being a single parent with two kids. I'm glad she never gave up. People in general- there are many unsung heroes out there, though I dont know specifically who they are. I'm glad they're out there. Whether it be policemen, counselors, or just random people out in the street with good intentions. They are my heroes. Good luck with your homework.
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Angelina Originally Answered: Heroes anyone?Who likes the series? have u seen both the volumes of Heroes?attention spoilers ahead?
i don't think Nicki could have survived that explosion but Jessica could come out of her and live. It would be really sad if she died for Micah as he almost lost a Dad and would then lose a mum. Some spoilers and discussions are that Takezo Kensei may be the first evolved human and that they all descended from him. His names included Takezo Kensei, Richard Sanders, Adam Monroe. Richard Sanders-Nikki Sanders: connection? Some more spoilers A new villain named Knox ( frightening and intense, with the eyes of a predator ) returns to his native city of New Orleans -the criminal territory he used to run before he was sent to prison. This puts him directly in the path of Micah, his great-aunt Uhura and Monica Daniels. The latest actor to join the show for its second season is Jessica Collins , who will take on a recurring role. Collins will play Sophie, a mysterious woman with powers who works at the organization that is tracking all heroes. Villain or not? David Anders ( Adam ) will definitely return and he will meet a new friend! About Niki and Nathan ( Ausiello – TV Guide) “One of them is definitely not dead. The jury’s still out on the other.” Adrian Pasdar ( Nathan) says: “I wish I could share with you all the future for Nathan… But, as you all well know, mum IS the word. Who could possibly have shot me? The REAL answer to that question is very, very interesting. I promise.” Mum ( Angela ) is the word? Heroes without the brothers would be like Prison Break or Brothers and Sisters without the brothers: a waste of time! Surely Claire’s blood can save her own father, right?! Let’s say a little prayer for the older Petrelli, shall we?” and I (we) agree… There are rumors floating around that Niki’s evil alter ego Jessica will be a part of the Volume 3 and not Niki. (Niki one of the villains?) Micah’s storyline will end also “Badass” Future Hiro will make another appearance and will also be seen in another “future” episode of Heroes. Down the road, fans will learn what are Mr. Nakamura’s powers (and yes, “are” is a key word here) Return of some characters from the Season one like Claude ( the invisible guy) Angela is loaded with secrets, some of which will definitely be revealed in the second half of the season. Interpret that as you like. Right from the start of we will know what the big disaster or major plot line is. And it will probably be linked to something small that we already know about from this series. Volume 3 will focus on something other than The Company this time. We will see more younger generation heroes ( Villains?) Jamie Hector is new villain which will be introduced in Volume 3. He confirmed ( LA List and NY Mag) that he will be playing a character named Benjamin Knox Washington and that he has filmed a couple episodes already. we have a new villain…. Also, here’s something interesting. Many Heroes have names from Bible like Adam, Peter, Gabriel, Noah…. Well, here’s how Benjamin is described in the Bible. “Benjamin is a ravenous wolf. In the morning he devours the prey, And in the evening he divides the spoil.” maybe a clue to his power? In a sneek peek you will see that he may have some liquefy ability - liquid man? I heard he was mentioned in comics. Sorry about the amount of spoilers but its all good stuff!

Will Will
1. Bull Halsey ----- USN Doolittle's raid on Tokyo 2. Chuck Yeager - USAAF - WWII - Shot down first German jet .. USAF Command Pilot of Bell X-1 . First man to beak the sound barrier 3. Jimmy Doolittle -- USAAF - Led the Tokyo raid 4. Omar Bradley --- USA -- THe GI's General WWII 5.George S. Patton--USA -- Great tank commander ..WWI 6. Irwin Rommell --- Fiels Marshal -- Germany - WWII -- tank commander 7. Colin Powell ----- USA -- General
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Scotty Scotty
ANDY SAMBERG- He's hilarious and wonderful =] ELLEN DEGENEROUS- She brightens people's days, gives help to charitites, and deeply cares for animals. J.K. ROWLING-Author of the Harry Potter books, she has changed my life by writing a series with a very unrealistic setting that we can all escape to and very realistic characters and problems(if you look past the wizard stuff) that we can all relate to, while teaching life lessons along the way (like the power of love and the importance of friendship)
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Nedabiah Nedabiah
Randal Graves, For one reason he is my hero is that he is himself even if nobody likes that, He's a Nerd in the inside but he's a slacker wise cracker at heart. To every rant he comes whit a comeback quick, He doesn't try to blend whit the crowd,he just does what he does for living and loves it..when he wants something he fights for it.
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Kevin Kevin
Magic johnson the greatest basketball player that ever lived Emmitt Smith the greatest running back to ever play football Dale Earnhardt the greatest Nascar driver to ever race a car
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Hudde Hudde
ha ha the guy at the top has just made my hero list ha ha. but seriously my sister she survived cancer and has a very good but some times lazy out look on life i love her mucho
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Enoch Enoch
my father my grandmother kurt cobain bob marley tupac shakur john lennon anyone who changes the world and brings out compassion love peace beauty the real people and the unforgotten :] the strong hearted and the bold
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Cody Cody
my gr8 grandpa he was married to my gr8 grandma for over 50 yr she was a real bytch to him yelling and screaming at him insults and he never even once raised his voice or back talked her. She finally ended up killing him. He took her **** for over 50 yr and i was taking care of her for a few yr and i couldnt take her **** for 1 day let alone 50 yr +
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Antuan Antuan
eleanor roosevelt. she went through a lot in her childhood (both her parents died by the time she was 10 or 11, her father got their servant pregnant) and yet she still wasn't bitter or cruel. she was a caring soul and left an example for all of us.
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Antuan Originally Answered: Who are your HEROES? homework help?
A hero isn't Superman and all that stuff. the actual heroes are your family members and the depended on individuals of your community. yet in a distinctive way of asserting that's the 1st helpers eg. medical doctors, firefighters etc. the subsequent way of expressing hero is somebody like Mahatma Ghandi, Martin J Luther King, Terry Fox etc. somebody who helped make area of the international, such as communities, is a hero.

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