Creative job options? PLZ HELP?

Creative job options? PLZ HELP? Topic: Creative writing and photography
July 17, 2019 / By Carrie
Question: I am a very creative person and I'm not really passionate about any specific area. I am curious about all the job options in some kind of creative field. Anything from photography to designing video game characters. I'm thinking low stress high pay here. The highest paying jobs you can recommend the better. If you know any good schools for it or how many years of school I need it'd be great. Also the average salary. =]
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Best Answers: Creative job options? PLZ HELP?

Angell Angell | 3 days ago
While I laud your creativity in posting this question, I am afraid you have not really understood the stress that goes along with creation! Creativity is valued in almost all fields (like you mentioned, photography, writing, designing multimedia presentations, advertising and marketing...the list is really wide) but high salary is almost always associated with high stress. So, go ahead and fulfill your need to be creative but remember, there is no free lunch.
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Willie Willie
I think you should check out teenmoneymakingideas.com they have a wide selection of different jobs you can do and how you can get started. Also have you thought of designing funny t-shirts, bumper stickers, or cards? You could be your own boss if you start your own business.
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