With free download nowadays, make musicians 'harder' to make a full time living?

With free download nowadays, make musicians 'harder' to make a full time living? Topic: Free writing courses download
July 17, 2019 / By Casey
Question: you know those people who still say “well,.even with free downloads & everything, i don’t care, I’m sure those artists/musicians can find another WAY to make-a-living” and some even said that musicians/artists nowadays can and ONLY can, and should make a living NOT from CD-album sales (which generally has decreased significantly, with free downloads everywhere!), but from live gigs, merchandise, etc. but IMO there can't be no denying that nowadays, the 'biggest' source of income for artists/musicians (which is from CD sales), especially for NEW artists/musicians, are getting 'stolen' , and almost gone, because of free downloads everywhere,..regardless of whether they make money/income from live gigs, concerts, etc,.right? so my question then becomes this: is it generally now much ‘harder’ for musicians to be able to make-a-living, and i mean, as a FULL-time (not part-time) serious, professional musician? there’re even other comments such as: “well,..music is supposed to be FREE! so those musicians/artists??...well, of course they NEED to find other works too, even if it’s 9-to-5 jobs!” the ‘problem’ i see with this is, of how it seems the profession/career of ‘Musician’ is getting somewhat ‘downgraded’ , or ‘less respected’ these days?? because it seems like these people, in a way, saying “musician is, and CAN only be a PART-time ‘non-serious’ job. so they all need to find other more ‘serious’ job!” ,.........as if being musician, ie: thinking, composing, writing songs, lyrics arranging, practicing session, recording, mixing & mastering & promo is all still NOT a “hard-serious” works?.. what do you guys think regarding this issue? would love to know your opinions!
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Anise Anise | 8 days ago
From what I understand, and this was years ago so it may be different now, is that an artists main income is from touring and merchandise sales. While cd sales are mainly profitable for the RIAA. Though, the chunk of money the artists get from cd sales isn't anything to laugh at either. But its not their main source of income. Personally, I support artists by going to their shows and buying tour shirts from either the show or directly from their website. And when I buy their music, I usually only download the songs I like and pay 99 cents for each song. Most cd's aren't worth paying full price in the store. But the 99 cent per song still helps out the artist, even if just a little bit. I can't tell you the last I bought an actual cd... ? Seems like a waste of money. Especially since I have no use for a cd. I use a hard drive in my car, work, and at home. Everything is in mp3 format. What am I gonna do with a cd??
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Wilmot Wilmot
Back in the old days, only 1%(hyperbole) of musicians ever made a crust from old school record contracts. The rest were all so screwed by corporate shysters that they actually ended up more in debt to them with every successive album. They did all the work but shareholders reaped the revenue. These days though, they can bypass the old distribution entirely and instead open business direct to fans. No lawyers. No CO's. No silly plastic disks that are wasting away on shelves. Just fans loving music. Also, more of them. You don't need to pay for radio time, so far more people can hear you. Millions of people can now listen where before it was just hundreds. So if each of them gave a cent, how is there not money in that? Thousands of people will now buy T-Shirts at their concerts where before they wouldn't have one, how is there not money in that? All the money goes to you now, where before you'd just get scraps, how is there not money in that? Seriously dude, musicians aren't the ones that are making all the fuss because they're not the ones losing out. Sony and Time Warner are making fuss, because they're the ones losing out. EDIT: Lotta truth above me also. Disks are such an anachronism - only good for coasters and filling up the garbage cans.
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