I'm in university, and mother wants me to get a job?

I'm in university, and mother wants me to get a job? Topic: Case study special education student
July 19, 2019 / By Cate
Question: *Please* read everything before you answer. I'm in university, and just got accepted into a pharmacy program. I'm thrilled. For the passed 2 years while I've been in university I've had a full time summer job, and worked 4-10 hours a week during the school year. It's been hard, and I barely have a social life, but I know that school is going to pay off if I keep my grades up for only a few more years. Now, over the passed 5 months I've lost both of my jobs (due to budget cuts), and I haven't been working. I am looking for a summer job, and handed out over 60 applications, and also have 30 in my boyfriends car to hand out if we go anywhere where I see a "hiring" sign. I don't mind having a summer job at all, it's so much better than being in school where you have to work at school, then work at home studying, and I get money which I pay off the next year's tuition with… However, I looked at the course load for the pharmacy program I'm going to be taking. At the university I attend, 5 courses a semester is a 100% course load, which is hard. The program requires students to have *at least* a 140% course load, which 7 or more courses each semester. All of them are strictly science, and that's just the first year's curriculum. I've hinted to my mother that I don't want to work during the school year while I've got such a massive work load, and she hasn't caught on. I'm really worried about her making me get a job. I'm also worried that if I approach her about it, she's going to say I have to get a job anyway, which is what I think she'll do, since she thinks having a job makes someone responsible. What advice can you give me? What reasons, aside from just school, could I bring up to support my case? She already knows about my course load, and I'm afraid that won't be enough. I think it's also important to add that the program considers anything less than a 60% a fail, and there are a few courses where anything less than a 70% is a fail. Also, the pharmacy program at my university has a higher drop out rate than it's medical school. which is* Little miss know it all (how fitting), I'm paying for my own college, and have had jobs since I was 14. That's great about your uncle, but I guess I'm not as smart as he is, because I have to study a lot to get good grades. And anyone who actually does their work in high school can be on the honor roll as long as their not disabled - you're not special. I've had a wide variety of jobs up until now, which is how I've been paying for university, and I don't expect her to pay a penny. I'm currently looking for a job for the summer, but I already have enough saved from working for 6 to cover this year without getting a job or taking out loans. I'm thinking I just want to have a job during the summer, because it allows me to rack up 6-7k, at least. I am still living with her - I don't pay groceries or rent. I just don't want her to kick me out, that's all, or else I'll have pay over 5-6k more for residency. I want to make it very clear that I don't expect my mother to pay a cent towards my education, but it would be nice of her to allow her daughter to live with her for only a few more years, even though that's not a requirement or an expectation either. Also, being a part time student isn't an option - the program does not allow enrolment unless you take the 140% course load.
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Annabell Annabell | 5 days ago
You really can't expect your mum to pay for you. If you're paying for your own university and life with no job (how?) then she can't make you get a job anyway, so there's no problem. If you are expecting her to pay for you, then there is nothing you can say other than ask for a HUGE favour. It's not her problem. But she could be nice and pay for you. Promise to pay her rent back later when you graduate.
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Winslow Winslow
If you fully pay your own way then your mom cant make you do anything, by fully pay it means all school costs, rent your own place, pay all your bills, your own food and so on if not unfortunatly she do have a say, and what you need to do is look into how to fix things, could you get a loan and more scollarships to cover your own in full talk to an advicor as well, or maybe consider that if she wont help pay you cant afford to be a full time student, and will have to take it part time over more years to manage to hold both a job and do school its great when parents help but they arent required to, so that sometimes means not everyone can depend on geting that kind of help from home and do have to work to pay everything themself, on the cost of the education taking longer if you need time to work on courses...because your rigth how fast we learn and how easily are different, some can read something once and it sits, others may need to read it 10 times, we are different, and what we can manage are therefor different
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Shamer Shamer
I totally understand why you are feeling this way. If I were you I would say that you felt you were unable to get a job due to the amount you will have to study (show her the curriculum if you feel the need to), say to her that you managed to cope with your current work load and working but only just and due to that you feel it would be impossible to do so when doing your next course. You could also say to her that you are worried about the amount of stress that the huge work load may cause you and you do not want your grades to slip. On the other hand, you could also offer a compromise. If you feel the discussion is going nowhere you could say to her that you would just not want to get a job straight away. Say to her that you would like to work out a schedule and get used to the routine of having a higher work load before you think about getting a new job and the reassess the situation a couple of months down the line. Or, if you really feel like she wouldn't be accepting of either of those situations you could get a job see how juggling everything goes and if it doesn't work out sit her down and talk to her then. In my opinion it is a lot more responsible to voice your concerns now rather then getting a job doing the new course and not being able to cope with it all. I hope this helps and good luck :)
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Nevin Nevin
sorry, no sympathies from me. my uncle was in the pharmacy program too & he managed to go to school full-time AND work not one, but two jobs. he excelled in school and never missed a single day of work. i started working when i was 15 & managed to stay on the honor roll through high school and do well as a full-time college student. just don't say to your mother what you posted here because you sound a bit whiny and spoiled to be honest. sorry.
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