How can I convince my mom to?

How can I convince my mom to? Topic: Type of media research jobs
July 18, 2019 / By Cateline
Question: let me get a monroe? http://media.photobucket.com/image/monroe piercings/xeikyunox/Piercings and Tattoos/monroe.jpg?o=1 she said I could get an eyebrow ring or a nose ring but I don't want any of those..she thinks monroe's and any type of lip piercing is un-sanitary(even though I can clean it) and that they are for 'freaks' and she would be embarassed of what people would say ABOUT HER as a parent, It's MY choice and she shouldnt care anyway but she does and shes SO paranoid. My dad would let me(my parents are divorced) but I cant do it at his house cause my mom said she would rip it out of my face and I'd be grounded for a year... and then she says stuff like "who else has this piercing?" And I'll say "no one" and she'll be like "thats because they look stupid and are for freaks so no one wants them" all shes really worried about is what people will think of her... is there anyway you can think of to help me convince her to let me get a monroe?
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Annabella Annabella | 6 days ago
Well first of all, just because people have facial piercing doesn't make them a freak or a weirdo, so she's wrong right there. I hate when people have that narrow minded attitude towards piercings and tattoos. Anyhoo....if you're mom has made up her mind about the situation then it's unlikely you're going to change it. However, if i were you i would do some serious research about the monroe piercing, ie: aftercare, cost, effects on school life or a job, who has this piercing....etc etc. This will show that you have given it some serious thought and not just asked for it on a whim. If you act mature about the situation and give her all the facts you can give her, then if she chooses to throw it all back in your face atleast you have been the bigger person and gone anout things in a more grown up manner. Failing all this, simply wait till you're old enough to have the piercing without her consent and then go for it. When you're old enough there is little she can do about it. My mom wasn't happy when i got more piercings but as i'm old enough it's my body and my choice and she has to respect that. Good tluck to you, hope it all works out. xxx
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Wow, you're egocentric. 20 mins is hardly ever any time in any respect. Just coz u wanna be close your folks, you're inclined to place your mum via hell promoting a apartment whilst she does not must? Heres my main issue. I reside on the town A and i'm going to university in possess B. the town A and B are half-hour away. I love love love residing on the town A, even though all my peers reside on the town B. It does not trouble me in any respect, even though there are occasions whilst i wanna be towards my peers. Overall i do not brain residing extra away. It's a bit factor known as public delivery (trains, buses and many others) that is helping me via vacations and stuff. Try hanging your self to your mums footwear and remeber that there are individuals who reside extra clear of their peers than you they usually control pleasant.
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Shamir Shamir
first if your not old enough to get this done without her permission then forget about it wait a few years and if you still want it you'll be able to get it and be old enough to know this what what you really want,,good luck.
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