School help. No friends ect.?

School help. No friends ect.? Topic: Who made school and homework help
July 19, 2019 / By Catharine
Question: So i go back to school tomorrow, and i need some advice. I have no friends or people to hang out with during class, lunch and whatever. So i was wondering what are some things you could suggest that i could do? Im planning on studying really hard this year so that will take up some time during lunch doing homework and everything so yeahh... Please no loner comments and everything. and if you can can you suggest some things to do that will help me make friends, see theres this one group of girls who HATE my guts and spread awful rumors about me all last year, hence the no friends even thought ehy wernt true. thanks so much xx im starting year 9, just so you know :)
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Annabeth Annabeth | 8 days ago
hey sorry bout your friend problems but ...just go to your school library and do homework if you dont have any homework then read a book...hope this helped
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Annabeth Originally Answered: I was friends with a married man after we broke up. we are not friends on facebook, but have mutual friends?
He is doing this because he does not care to put his marriage at risk. I would block you too. If an ex tried sending me numerous private messages via FB, I would block the ex. Having an on-going casual relationship via the internet is not worth the risk to my marriage. I'm not FB friends with any of my ex's...but I do have several male friends on FB. Other than the "what have you been doing for the last 20 years" type exchange, we do not instant message or e-mail each other. Anything that I would write on their wall or respond to a status update can be seen by everyone....including my husband. It isn't worth the drama in the marriage. It is one thing to chat for 5 minutes when you see each other in a public setting. It is something else to invite the possibility of infidelity. Even if your intentions were pure and above board....that's how those torrid affairs usually start.

Wisdom Wisdom
CLUBS, CLUBS, CLUBS!!!! Does your school have a club day or something like that? Join a club or two that niches into whatever interests you. That way, you'll meet people who share similar interests and will make friends :) If you find that you're kind of a shy person, I suggest doing this... I don't know if it'll work for you, but I'm more than willing to share what I did to make friends with you. Its quite simple really, every day I made it a Goal to talk to ONE person in my classes. It didn't have to be a complete conversation starter, sometimes it was as simple as a 'hey was there homework from tuesday?' or 'this class is going by so slow, huh?' I hope this helps you xD Best of luck!
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Shane Shane
Speaking as someone that used to be in your situation, I'd say to join some groups. I go to an Irish all-girls secondary school and what I did was join a drama group and join various projects in school. I auditioned for my year's musical and really grew some confidence. Another thing I tried was something like Beyoncé's on-stage trick. I took a character that was much braver than me and pretended to be her for a while. It sounds childish and ridiculous but, trust me, it really worked. Now, I've a group of amazing friends that always have my back and like me for who I am. So, put yourself out there. As for the bullies, put your emotions in a box. These creeps thrive off response to their actions. Hope everything works out.
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Nic Nic
It's a new start! Talk and get involved in conversations with as many people as you can, join groups, sports, etc that you might be interested in.. be friendly, happy, funny & enthusiastic. :)
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Kit Kit
just be interactive and try to mingle with people. also don't try to work harder because working hard without fun with friends wont do much good. so try spending your lunch time with your potential friends. Also try to understand others and be enthusiastic about their interests.
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Ibri Ibri
Like the opposite posters, I had equivalent stories. In reality, it used to be 6th grade whilst I used to be first identified with despair. Sadly, all of the remedies did little to slash the affliction...till I used to be in my overdue 20s. I can let you know, even though, what did and didn't support me. Everyone reacts in a different way to distinct instances and variables, however possibly you would discover anything priceless in my revel in. First, discover a buddy who's continuously foolish. This individual will cheer you up, above all whilst it kind of feels like not anything else can. Sometimes you do not have manipulate over whether or not or no longer you'll discover a foolish buddy, however search out the individual who smiles and laughs plenty. Second, maintain in common touch with a counselor, and make your self in charge to that counselor. If mother will permit you, see a authentic therapist on a weekly groundwork. If this isn't an choice, see the counselor at your tuition. Whoever it's, be certain you inform them how you're doing in order that you're no longer the one one checking for your emotions. For a few, adding me, I rely God within the class of "counselor." Third, magazine. Be sincere to your magazine. If you hate writing, draw to your magazine, although you haven't any inventive potential. The magazine is to support you place your emotions into anything tangible (touchable, seen), so it's not relevant whether or not it is drawing the adventures of stick boy and line woman or writing the way you felt that day. Fourth, have mother, an additional relative, or a buddy determine on you (day-to-day, if viable) to be certain you're caring for your self. When you're in a well state of brain, allow them to recognize that you just wish them to be certain you don't seem to be hiding from the arena with a 10-hour nap within the core of the day or drowning in self-hatred huddled within the nook of your room. Tell them to be certain you get out of the condo at least one time every week. Depression could make you consider you will have to conceal from the arena, and even though relaxation is certainly quintessential, even as in a depressed state, you can also name it relaxation whilst it is honestly hiding. It's tough to be rational approximately anything like that whilst you think depressed. Fifth, whilst viable, support your self discover distractions. After you could have journaled and shared your emotions with any one, check out to not stay on it. Sometimes, it is effortless to recognition at the despair and consider approximately what is unhappy to your global, however doing so could make it worse. Read a comic story publication, cross swimming, quit through the animal safe haven and play with the dogs. Do anything you revel in to maintain your brain off the terrible emotions. Sixth, if viable, discover anything energetic to do whilst you think down. Exercise pumps the well chemical substances by way of your frame and support relieve pressure. Just watch out not to overdo it. Seventh, become aware of that despair is an sickness. Many humans, even the ones with despair, feel that you'll simply "suck it up and recover from it" through sheer will. Whether instigated through instances or a chemical imbalance you had been born with, despair is distinct from being in a cool temper or effectively being unhappy. The proper cure and studying systems to manage it's going to support immensely. Consider this: for those who had top ldl cholesterol, you'll take cure and avert ldl cholesterol-packed meals with the intention to stability your frame's ldl cholesterol. Same with despair: take the proper meds, and discover the proper systems to stability your frame's chemical substances. And, sweetie, it does get higher. It does not continuously think this darkish. Who is aware of? Maybe 15 years from now you'll percentage your revel in with any one else and deliver them a ray of desire.
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Esmund Esmund
The advise i gave my daughters when they entered 7th grade was: UR NOT GOING TO SCHOOL TO PLEASE THE TEACHER UR NOT GOING TO SCHOOL TO MAKE FRIENDS UR GOING TO SCHOOL TO MASTER THE MATERIAL BY DOING SO U WILL PLEASE THE TEACHER AND MAKE BETTER FRIENDS AS UR GRADES GET BETTER. If this advise suits u and/or ur classmates, feel free to take it and/or pass it on
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Esmund Originally Answered: How can i make more friends at school?
knowing your age would help. But I would say throw a party at your house. A pajama sleep over slumber party or something. And make your own really cool invitations and hand them out. Think of some fun games, and activities you can do at your party. Everyone brings their own sleeping bag and pillow. You could all try to bake something, or do each others hair...write songs or poems, etc....You could also have their be wrapped presents that each girl gets. Or maybe just for game prizes. The girls who were too stuck up to come will hear the other girls talking about how much fun it was, and will wish they would have gone.

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