The Sims 2 Problem. plz help?

The Sims 2 Problem. plz help? Topic: Problem solving in the arts
July 17, 2019 / By Cathleen
Question: I have the sims 2 game install in my hp computer and i also have many of its expansion packs. I love the sims, everytime there is a problem i seem to fix it. but this time i have no clue what to do. When i go to the other neighborhoods everything works fine, the university works fine, the pets, i mean everything. i have to problems what so ever. Now this is where the problem comes when i go to my neighborhood(Veronavile?) it loads pretty fast and it finish loading but when its time to enter in the neighborhood the screen turns black and it stays like that for about 6-10 minutes, then after that the black screen disappears and finally i could actually see the neighborhood but it freezes so much once i move the mouse over the neighborhood. I have gotten the chance to enter a home in the neighborhood and its not cool, i can't play ...the game play seems to be in really slowwww motion lol. ok so here is the funny part, in the beginning were i choose the neighborhood i wish to enter (ex.veronaville) i make my choice to enter to (veronaville University) thats works great, all the expansion packs work good from every neighborhood except when i want to enter to the neighborhood of veronaville). What could the problem be ?
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Annamae Annamae | 10 days ago
It's a really difficult issue, to be solved. This is surely a game's problem. I have been playing sims 2 for many years. You can first defrag your disc.If you have OS Windows XP, go My Computer, right click My local disk "C",Properties, tools and defrag disc. Otherwise, if you have Windows Vista go My Computer, right click my local disk "C", properties, tools and defragment.If it won't solve your problem then the only thing you can do is to save your Sims data (savegames, music, etc) These you can find ( if I remember right) in My Documents/ (Ea Games,or Electronic Arts)...Sims 2. cut the folder and paste it into your desktop. Then unistall the game, and all of its expansions. Then install the game again and cut the above (from the desktop) and paste it in My Documents , where you had found it. I believe that it may help.
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Integrated graphics will certainly result in the problems you describe. What usually happens with computers trying to play Sims 2 on integrated graphics is that things will work for a time, as in your case. The longer you play the game however the harder it is on your computer and eventually things work less and less well, as you are experiencing. It sounds like you have already tried most things described in this wiki article http://www.sims2wiki.info/wiki.php?title=Game_Help:Onboard_Graphics I don't know really what else you can do, short of getting a new computer.
Annamae Originally Answered: Any help for one of the thousands of people that has a problem with Sims 2 crashing?
Give this a try- Click on Run. (It's found if you click on your Start Icon, click on All Programs, click on Accessories. Run is in Accessories.) Click on Run and type msconfig into the box that pops up. Click Allow/Okay. There will be a list of programs that are checked off that will show up. The only program that you need to stay running at start up is your Security System. So, find the box that is the program that runs your security system and leave it checked off (enabled). Then go ahead and uncheck all the other programs. (disable them) (Your security system should be easy to find, it might even be the first program in the box the pops up. Just make sure to leave that one alone; checked off.) After you uncheck all programs except the security system program, click Allow, then Okay. Then you will have to restart your computer for the changes to take effect. The reason for disabling programs at start up on your laptop is because alot of the programs that are running at start up are unnecessary. They are there so if you want to use them you won't have to wait for them to load. They will still run, just not at start up once you've disabled them. All the programs running at start up force your game to run in the background on your computer and your game will crash.
Annamae Originally Answered: Any help for one of the thousands of people that has a problem with Sims 2 crashing?
same happend to me i just re-installed it and it worked although the autio in the game doesnt work... :-(

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LMFAO I see you like the Sims 2 a lot. But a a new version of the sims 2 will be coming out in February.Its called "The SIMS 3" Go to sims3.com or something. But to answer your question i would do the same i would want all of them
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