Valuables stolen at airport?

Valuables stolen at airport? Topic: Ps vita case screen protector
July 19, 2019 / By Cayley
Question: I was as 2 airports today returning from my vacation and when I get home to unload everything, my worst nightmare of airport security come to life. My expensive sunglasses, ps vita (with case, screen protector, 4 games, etc.), and my dre beats(expensive headphones) were all gone. I have ocd so I checked the hotel many time before leaving and KNOW they were in my bag at the airport. I am very mad and unfortunately don't know what happened to these items and need some help as to get them back and I can not just "replace" them. They were very expensive and I never thought this would happen. PLEASE HELP!?!? Why does it matter which f***in airport
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Annemae Annemae | 5 days ago
I would recomend that you lodge formal complaints of theft to both airports and also report the incident to Customs and Border Protection/ Police if possible as well. Just be gratefully that nothing illegal was put in your bag. Schapelle Corby, the young Australian woman convicted of smuggling marijuana into Indonesia, a country which executes drug smugglers, and jailed for over 20 years, claimed that while she was transferring through Sydney on her Brisbane-Denpasar flight that one of the airport security staff put the marijuana into her boogie board, although I believe its a false claim because she couldn't know it and it would have been extremely rare for that to happen, although it could of!
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Annemae Originally Answered: How can I prevent my valuables from being stolen again?
The only thing you can do is to get an insurance for them... and that'll cost you a recurring fee. You should report all this to the police though and please do mention the reaction of your teachers. That is just beyond ridiculous. They should care a bit more about their students! It sounds very suspicious to me that they act in a way that they protect a criminal instead of a victim.
Annemae Originally Answered: How can I prevent my valuables from being stolen again?
I am very sorry this happened to you! I certainly understand your anguish and anger, as this has happened to me too..Countless times! I finally bought a safe to put all of my valuables in and that has worked out very well! I purchased a rather cheap one from Walmart, but there are many more expensive and better ones to choose from! I would suggest you purchasing one possibly from Amazon, as they will much cheaper than Walmart! The shipping is also reasonable and should you decide to purchase one, will arrive in about 2-3 days, even tho they state 2-5 days standard shipping, Then again depending on the purchase price, the shipping may also be free! It really disgusts me about the staff there being SO non caring! I am quite sure if it happened to them, their response and reaction, would be quite different! In any event I hope you take my advice and get yourself a safe! And find yourself a safe place to put it once you buy it! Since you are living in a dorm, talk to an Insurance Company about purchasing renters insurance to replace and protect your valuables in the future, just in case someone might want to steal your safe, Just a thought anyway, as I suppose that could happen, but sure hope it doesn't! Good luck and God bless! Sandy!

Wymond Wymond
Report it to the airport police at each airport that you used. There is a very remote possibility that the thief was caught. Chances are that the thief probably sold the items. But I have seen a story or two where a baggage handler was caught and had a bunch of the stolen stuff in his home. You can be 99.9999% sure that you won't see your stuff again. It is a million-to-one shot at best. Customs and immigration (US CBP, for example) has nothing to do with it. Several airports have dedicated police, so you should contact them. Otherwise you will have to find out which police agency serves the airport(s).
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Shawn Shawn
cant help since you dont say which airport, sorry next time tell which airport then maybe we can help but without knowing what airport you just mad it impossible to help you why it matters which airport because you will which police dept to report too like if you lost it at jfk telling lax pd is not going help you they will tell you contact nypd not lapd
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Shawn Originally Answered: MY CAR WAS STOLEN SOMEHOW?
1 call the police and report it stolen 2 you're probably going to have to go to court for this 3 forgery is a felony they could go to jail for 10+ years.

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