How far are dorm rooms from college classes?

How far are dorm rooms from college classes? Topic: Legal writing and research class
July 18, 2019 / By Ceara
Question: I'll be going to college in two years and have many questions already about it. I do my research online for the time being. what I can't find out simply is how far are dorm rooms from the classes? I had a website that said you can simply walk or drive to your classes from the dorms. Drive? really, how far are they?
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Annemarie Annemarie | 7 days ago
Some colleges may have more than one campus. For example, I live near a big city that has several colleges with an uptown and a downtown campus. For that, you could drive or take a bus or a college shuttle bus. Most of the time, your courses will be rather close to your dormitory, if you live on campus. Usually it's about a 15-20 minute walk. When I signed up for classes, I tried to get my classes scheduled so that they were close together for time and location (it's not always possible, though!). Your best bet is to get an idea of what you want to study in college, and find colleges that have those programs. Then go visit those colleges when they are in session. You'll get an idea of the rhythm of the campus and if people like/dislike the school. It will give you an idea if you want to attend. You'll also get an idea of the distance from the dorms to the classroom buildings and the professors' offices (where you may need to go to get extra help or clarification on an assignment). You'll also find out where the running track, the fitness center, the pool, the Student Union, the registrar's office (to sign up for the next semester's classes), the bursar's office (where you empty your wallet for your tuition bill!), the career placement center (where you can get help writing résumés to apply for internships and jobs after college) and the dining hall are. You can also find out where you can apply for jobs on-campus. Some of the dorms may have themes. For example, there might be a dorm for international students or music or art students. Missing school for a scheduled college visit is a legal absence.
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Annemarie Originally Answered: What are some essentials for a college dorm?
-Bedding (twin size sheets, pillows, pillowcases, blanket) -Clothes and shoes (for school and sleep) and underclothes -Toiletry items (toothbrush, toothepaste, shampoo, soap, towels and wash cloths, brush/comb, deodorant, etc.) -School supplies (text books, notebooks, folders, pencils, pens, day planner, etc.) -Laundry basket or clothes hamper plus detergent -Microwavable/refrigerated foods and paper plates/bowls/silverware/cups You can probably find a checklist online somewhere of other recommended items. Good luck!

Wynn Wynn
It depends on the college. At some, the dorms are right next to the buildings. But even then, the whole campus may be so big that it'll take you twenty minutes to walk to the other end. As for driving, some colleges have on-campus dorms that have just gotten too full (Rice for example). Then they put students up at an off-campus dorm where they need to drive to school. Make sure you look at where the housing is when you look at colleges. Another option is to get an apartment nearby. Also, most places have a nice bus system set up for you to get from apartments or the dorm to classes.
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Shaye Shaye
It depends on what college it is, and what dorm you're in. Check out dailyjolt.com and see if there's a "jolt" for your school. Ask there to get a good idea of what your "commute" will be like. I went to a small college, so it was never more than a 10 minute walk to class, and I lived in the farthest dorm. It took far longer to walk to the car, drive, find a parking spot, and then walk from the car to class.
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Nimbus Nimbus
OK.. being a colleg student for 4 years now, i have mastered the art of waking up 10 min before class starts and still getting there on time.. they SAY you can DRIVE to your classes , BUT what they dont tell you is that if you are living in a dorm when you register for college you have to register your car too.. you will be given this special parking decal that will let campus police know that you live in the dorms, and if you car is parked in front of one of your class buildings you will get a ticket.. They say that if you live on campus you should walk to class, and let communters take the parking places.. SO.. if you want to drive to class ( like me ) when you register make sure you register for a commuter parking pass and not dorm room.. just a helpful hint.. even if it is a huge campus unless it requires you driving across the interstate, or up the highway you will get a ticket. but normally they are at most a 5 minute walk - 10 minute walk..
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Korah Korah
Definately bring something to hang on the walls. If you don't, the room will look so bland and boring, and you'll HATE it! Also, my daily planner controls my world. If I didn't have it, I would be so lost. I would recommend one to everyone. You'll probably need some kind of shower caddy to carry around your toiletries. You don't really want to leave them in the showers because eveyone will start using them. I like having a tv and movie stuff in my room. We have a tv in our common area, but its easier to have your own because then you don't have to fight over what you watch. One of those contraptions that holds your book open is also really useful for when you're reading and typing at the same time. I would suggest buying things once you get to college so you don't have to pack and move everything from your house :)
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Indiana Indiana
That's WONDERFUL that you already have questions and are doing research. The answer to your question will depend on the school. Once you get closer to graduation, you can make an appointment to visit and take a tour of you top 5 or 3 colleges. They'd be more than happy to show you around and answer all your questions.
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Indiana Originally Answered: When should I start college dorm/supplies/clothing shopping?
The best thing is you should have done that after this last fall when all the dorm stuff gets marked down 75%. I almost cringed when My daugher started college sept 1 and all the stuff we bought was 75% off. Otherwise, just wait until all the dorm stuff comes out in July early August so you can compare prices, pick a theme or color etc (my daughter has audrey hepburn theme). Look for sales in the daily papers. I actually got my daughter a large area rug for only 20 bucks which is great for the size and how cute it was. Here is a hint do not get one of those mesh or net like laundry hampers or one of the nylon ones. Get a heavy duty canvas duffel bag type. We went through that broke right away. Bed Bath and Beyond sells them. You need a good size garbage can, my daughter got a small one and that just does not cut it. Dont plan on sharing dishes if you have an apt style as people do not clean dishes right away and when you need them they will be dirty. If there is a shared fridge between a bunch of dorms dont think they will not steal your food. They do, get your own small fridge. You need a TV, one with HDMI so you can watch shows from your laptop like from abc family website etc. You need your own printer, dont get wireless, they do not work at my daughter's college. The study area printers charge per page. Again all that stuff goes on sale so look for sales at different stores and buy then.

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