For those of you who are writing a book and have a plot?

For those of you who are writing a book and have a plot? Topic: Process of writing a book
July 19, 2019 / By Cecilia
Question: How did you come up with your plot and ideas? How about the characters? Is there a process you followed? How long did it take? Thanks! And good luck to you all on your books!
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Best Answers: For those of you who are writing a book and have a plot?

Anngela Anngela | 10 days ago
How did you come up with your plot and ideas? Through daydreaming, as it always it seems to be for me. I was sitting on the bus, going to the mall, and started thinking of the book, The Host, and the idea of the third grandfathers or whatever that the main character was talking about in one of her stories. (I just want to make it clear that I am not a fan of Smeyer's books...but I used to be) Then a very, very basic idea popped into my head, and I started building on it. I had most of the basic plot figured out by the time I got to the mall, lol. How about the characters? The characters sort of just came with the plot. It wasn't too hard to think up the characters, but rather the process of developing them fully was a little more difficult. Is there a process you followed? At first, I just winged it and began writing. It's been a year now, and I've gone through an incomplete rough draft of about 20,000 words. I'm starting over now, trying to patch up a few plot holes, but this time, I'm planning. In the beginning, all I did was a small outline of each of the main characters, and that was all. I'm using a more detailed outline for the characters, plot, and setting (since it's sci-fi...well, more of a "what if the world was like this?" kind of sci-fi. No aliens, lmao), even though I realize I might not stick to them. Still, it'll be very helpful. How long did it take? I used to be a very lazy writer, so really, it took me about six months just to write 20.000 words. Nowadays, I'm overcoming it. It's going along well.
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Anngela Originally Answered: What do you think of this plot for a book I'm writing?
It's a little cliche. Maybe have the dad know a detrimental secret about John that would be reason enough to end the relationship. Sure, that's not exactly inspired either, but figuring out what the secret could be is where you can really get creative and add plot twists and layers to your characters.

Wystan Wystan
Through daydreaming and reading loads of books. I always wanted a book that had a circus theme but could never find one I liked. I always fantasize about different themes. This is the only plot that made sense, I made loads of other plots that I ended up discarding. My character list it still developing. I always like a bit of mystery in my characters mostly for the hero. Mystery, allure and experienced. I just develop the characters as I go along. I always add bits here and there. There are usually all sorts of characters. Some outspoken, some not, some timid, some brave. Not really, I start writing and then work out some sort of process. I do the research as I go along. If something pops into my head to add later on I always write it down. But I am not all that consistent, I often abandon my book for a long time and come back to it when I come up with an idea to improve on. I am still writing it and will probably will for a long time. There is no time limit. I will keep writing as new ideas develop and as long as I am still committed to it. It is not a priority at the moment so I can only write when I have the time.
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Shealtiel Shealtiel
How did you come up with your plot and ideas? It came very randomly, actually. Most of mine do. They'll come from random things my friends say or random ideas I draw from TV shows I watch. How about the characters? The plot forms them, if that makes sense. For example, the only way (at least in my mind) a story about a magic umbrella would work is if the owner of said umbrella was a bit of a ditz. Is there a process you followed? I usually follow the same process: I first write out the main ideas I have in my head, and make sure I've at least got a beginning, middle, and an end to the story. Then if I feel like I need them, I'll add some details. And then I write. When I've finished, I'll edit it a few times over, give it to others to look at and give opinions, edit some more, look at it myself again, edit, and then I guess I'm done. How long did it take? With all of THAT it takes about two months for me to write a 15-paged short story. But that takes into account the amount of time I spend doing other things. Because I'm busy, it takes a while for me to write a story.
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Niven Niven
1) Actually, from watching movies, or personal experiences in my life, ideas spring into my head. (Of course I exaggerate them in the novel, given the actual events weren't nearly that exciting. haha.) I get really excited, and I just start to...write. The thing is that when I write, I don't THINK about the plot. I don't brainstorm, don't do sketches. I write on a whim, I procrastinate. It's so wierd, people say, how I do it. But the thing is, the stories come out better and more REAL. It's the way that works for me. 2) The characters...usually the main one is a take off of me. I know, pathetic, but I KNOW myself. It's kind of impossible for me to write about someone that I don't know. So I make the main character have the same personality, likes, and dislikes as me. That way, I'm the one whos living the story, and it comes out so much better. For the rest of the characters, I look at my friends, and the people around me. Their personalites, or I just make them up. 3) Not really. Like I mentioned, I just write on a whim. However, if you're going to write a perfect, full-blown novel, you'll have to do a outline. You have to remember the day so you don't skip it, remember the time, everything that the character says. That way, it's more real and not just forgotten about...do you get it? 4) Takes however long it takes. I write fast, but the thing is, the grammar is my biggest problem. You simply HAVE to go back and revise your work. You can't just expect the computer/someone else to do it for you. You have to show that you have an understanding for grammar, and that you at least know what you're talking about. Hope I could help! And best wishes. :)
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Kori Kori
1. I got the main theme that I wanted to write about (which was a story involving ghosts) 2. I did a character sketch of my main character and included key points that would connect her to a ghost 3. I threw this character into a bunch of situations that involved paranormal activity to see how she'd react and to just have some writing fun. 4. I made up some other characters and got to know my ghost's character better. 5. After a while I started to string my characters together, and after a year of writing, rearranging scenes, and editing, I finally have the first book of what became a trilogy, and the second and third books laid out. This is the first time I've written anything so I'm sure there's a more organized way of going about it, but I had a lot of fun anyways. I used a lot of 'real life' ghost stories and music for inspiration. Good luck!
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Ingram Ingram
How did you come up with your plot and ideas? A dream. I usually get inspiration randomly and one night, I dreamed about something and wrote it down in my journal. I started to wonder what it was about, and built the plot around my ideas. The rest came naturally. How about the characters? I created them to fit in with the plot. Something needed to happen, and I needed a character to carry it out. Is there a process you followed? No, not really. I started to outline, but gave up because it's not for me. As the words came, I wrote them down. How long did it take? I've been writing since January and I'm still writing...
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Ewain Ewain
It just popped in and wouldn't shut up. I had the idea of a man defending a dragon and its rider who others think is a rogue. Things just kept on coming in. Scenes and ideas just kept on coming in until more things began to build until it would suit a good story. I have a writer's mind and I listen to what comes in and push out what doesn't. They're fantasy characters but all human with human thoughts and dilemmas. They have their own personalities, especially the main character, he isn't your typical fantasy hero. He's a goof-ball. He also has his talents and his flaws. I let the ideas come in slowly to make sure it has a chance at happening. I decided it would and gathered more information from my brain. I gathered the cast, their proper names, and what will make this story unique. I'm still trying to get the outline right. And I'm not done, no where near. I have lots to go. Earlier I thought I had the first draft of the first chapter done but I found that it sucked. So...I'm starting over. I have lots to go.
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Cory Cory
The plot and ideas just came to me gradually over time. The characters kinda developed themselves, like as I wrote the characters personalities came out more and more. I outlined the whole book and chapters before I started writing, but a lot of it changed as I wrote. It was a good starting point though. It took about a year, but i'm almost finished. Yay:)
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Asaph Asaph
I got my inspiration from The Lord of the Rings. It's the same kind of setting as Middle Earth. My characters just kind of came to me one by one. My two main characters are twins and I got the idea from Fred and George Weasley from Harry Potter. Though my main characters aren't anything like Fred and George at all. No, no process. It all just came to me in one big wave of-- what's the word-- ideas(?). How long did it take? Well, so far it's taken four months just to write out my plot. I haven't even started on the actual thing yet.
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Asaph Originally Answered: In Yahoo Answers - in the baby name section, I wonder how many people who say that they are writing a book - are actually writing a book?
They aren't really writing a book. They are probably lonely teens that need to find a way to communicate with another human. A real Arthur most likely has never heard of Yahoo Answers. Nor would they have time to be here. BTW I am writing a book, do you think Anna is a good name for the wife of an abusive man? She is blonde with red eyes and a.......... LOL JK ;)

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