How to get my best friend back, some girl keeps stealing her away from me.idk what to do?

How to get my best friend back, some girl keeps stealing her away from me.idk what to do? Topic: Free essays to copy
July 17, 2019 / By Celandine
Question: i have became so close to my bff and all of the sudden some girl just randomly comes in and steals her. and i mean the girl stealing her is obsessed with my bff...and my bff is ditching me but doesnt even relize it....if i tell my bff whats going on..she might be mad at me for getting jelous or whatever...this girl also copies everyting i do, say, and wear
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Annis Annis | 3 days ago
OMG!!!!!! You sound just like me when i asked these questions on yahoo answer all the time!!! i know 100% how you feel and everyone kept telling me "oh just leave her or whatever" i can't , like how can you just leave a best friend like that? first thing have you tried talking to her? if not do so, but best way that i did they face-face to face talk did not work so i emailed her or you can text her :) like an essay! Do it put everything you feel she told me she cried and felt like it was happening to her... And the next day i did not come to school, cause i was really sick and she thought it was because of her YOU can do that if you want to, but i told her i was sick and so she finally relized the other gurl was stealing her all along! The other gurl had no life all she talked about with ppl were about lame shows! Anyway feel free to email me at : [email protected]<_< im really really good with these questions especially cause i experienced it! :)
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Annis Originally Answered: How to get trust of my girl friend back.?
show her. convince her. be romantic. show how you feel for her and how important she is to you. write her letters and mail them. send her flowers or order her gifts. they don't have to be expensive. or you could just draw her a picture or send her e-cards. call her to tell her you love her (only if you do) and how you care about her. keep the communications and let her know how you feel and how you will be faithful to her. if the relationship is important and serious, then talk to her about these things and assure her that you are a good man.

Yahveh Yahveh
If I were you I would face the other girl and tell her to stop. I had a girl steal my BFF once and I was MAD! My friend didn't get mad but she thought I was being a little dramatic. The girl finally backed off onve i confronted her. (I am a girl)
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Shelby Shelby
Your friend can hang out with other people besides you. Your allowed to have more than one ya know. Sounds like you might be the obsessed one. Just back off a bit, she might need some space from you.
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Noel Noel
Why not try to be friends with the other girl so that you don't have to fight with either. It would make things easier and you should be happier. Tell me how everything works out(:
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Kourtney Kourtney
you need to depart from both of them! Neither one of them are grown up yet. Go out and find someone else who really wants to be with you.! I know you can do better than that garbage.all they are doing is pulling you down.you dont need that garbage!!
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Kourtney Originally Answered: How can i win my best friend back?! Please help?
Your life is a mess right now and you are now relying on your friend to at least lend some stability to your emotional harmony. You cannot "win" people, especially when, as you have described it, you were less than honest with her and as a result she now experiences some trust issues with you. Ever relationship, personal, business or otherwise, is defined by the level of trust exchanged by the people who have that relationship. Friends, good ones at least, in theory, are suppose to trust each other, tell each other the truth, defend each other in their absence and to have, at all times, each others back. Your momentary lapse in judgment resulted in your inability to tell your friend the truth and as a result, your friend now has problems believing your sincerety and trusting what you say. Maybe your lying to her, maybe your not? She isn't sure and doesn't feel like taking any chances, given what she has recently discovered about her "friend". You can be sorry and demonstrate contrition, but sorry doesn't change the fact that you lied, it only suggests that you are sorry you did it, not that it didn't happen. At the same time that you desperately want to get close to your friend, she desperately wants to have some space from you to heal her wounds and to reflect upon the need for this relationship and the lack of trust that apparently exists. You need to give your friend some space and some time. It really sounds like you need the same, but are feeling rather clingy because the rest of your life, and those that figure prominently in it, is spinning out of control and to feel safe, you need someone who you can express your entire being to and not be subjected to negative criticism or negative judgment.Hang in There

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